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Conjuration of jinni
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Performing a conjuration in one’s house is very
ideal indeed; but performing it out door has its
excitements and challenges. Let’s explore
another example of conjuration methods design
for outdoor:

1. First, do some jinni hunting. Use feng shui or
“tenaga dalam” methods to find out the dwelling
place of a powerful jinni. The best time to do this
is at 4pm onwards.

2. Prepare below items:
a. Two candles: one black, one white; or one red,
one white.
b. One container and fuel (wood, paper, some
alcohol) for burning.
c. A small stone that you want the jinni to attach
d. Some offerings:
incense, biscuits or any dry
staffs that can produce large quantity of smoke.
e. Some water.

3. Go to the place of your choice on or before the
day of full moon, 4pm onwards.

4. The conjuration procedure:
a. Lay the container on the ground and put fuel
into the container, followed by the small stone.
b. Burn some incense to attract the jinni.
c. Light the candles and use them to light the fuel
in the container. (Do pay particular attention to
fire outbreak if you are performing the ritual in a
forest; we don’t want to burn down the entire
d. As the fuel is burning, break the biscuits into
small pieces and throw into the flame. Make your
intention known by the jinni that the food
offering is for it to consume.
e. Pray by asking the jinni in your own words to
come and attach itself to the stone.
f. Meditate for a while as you observe the
offering burns.
g. Wait until the offering are completely burnt
and cooled; pick up the stone and extinguish the
h. Confirm that the jinni has attached to stone
using the “tenaga dalam” or pendulum or the
i. Wash the stone with water.
j. Clean the place after the ritual, do not leave any
items; take care of the cleanliness of our nature.

5. Bonding with the jinni:
a. Carry the stone with you for a few weeks,
smudge it with incense periodically.
b. Meditate before the stone regularly.
c. Don’t worship the jinni but respect it:
remember that you are still the master and it is
the helper. Be discrete in accepting its

6. To release the jinni:
a. If for some reasons that you decided not to
have the jinni, then put the stone in a pouch and
hang it on a tree branch in the forest in the
morning after the full moon. Leave the place but
do not turn your head. Well, here you are a complete ritual for jinni
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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 2
I do not really know why would you do something with or against jinns

First of all if you are working with jinns: most jinns hate humans, really really hate humans so working with them will bring you to the path of hell

And if you are working against them.. I would warn you that they are powerful, as they are made out of smokeless hellish fire, and we humans are made out of clay, they could easily cause very strong physical damage, so if they know you are doing something to harm them I promise you that they will harm you or your family and if you kill a jinni, you and your family will be in the dead list, because obviously their family will not sit there and not do anything.

As for being a friend with a jinni..
If they are a female then she might not leave you if you are a male, she might fall in love with you, if she is and you marry someone the jinni might harm the girl you are married to.
.. but if the jinni is a male, there is a big chance that he is dangerous, if ypu are a male, then the jinni might be gay, and if you are a female then the jinni might love you and harm any man you marry.
... that is if you are looking to be a friend to a jinni, just a warning..

Jinns are mostly hostile and harmful, you would be lucky to have a jinni friend with no issues..

If I have any faults in writing forgive me, am using a phone..
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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 3

Boneyskull its made to be like i game. Most people do not know that they just

do it for fun. Not a wise thing too do yes. But most people didnt care were they do. something like this.

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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 4
This is interesting post, but I won't say it is very safe ritual. As the matter of being slave by human, They'll try their best. According to my studies of Hindu and Islam tantras, I've seen exorcising of demons of Christian religion is either possible by simple mantra. Some magicians use pentagram, circles etc to protect themselves, and Hindu, Islam adepts just sprinkle only water to four direction to protect themselves! In Islam practices, Amil chants a powerful Ayat to keep away all evil energies, and evil jinnats. All I mean is, There always ways to perform any jinn ritual with complete protection. But readers are be aware of above ritual, because I don't see that ritual would be good for whether beginner or adept. Ritual is quite easy, and if the ritual is genuine, It can become one's nightmare. Many jinns attacked their masters! I never seen any jinn ritual that type of easy ritual, and I doubt if it will work. Anyway, dangers are danger! Wise idea is keep some distances away from this ritual. If anyone interested to work, then they should look into Islam tantra.
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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 5
Jinns hate humans, so they must hate their life being slaved by us

But there is actually a simple way to protect yourself from the jinns, it is simple, just carry a sharp object, jinns are terrified of sharpness

Wikipedia doesn't say everything about jinns

But as you said, this ritual is not for beginners with jinns.

Jinns are dangerous, their power is not what you think it is, they can make you blind with one hit, they can hit you and infect you with diabetes (like they did to me) or even kill you.

But this ritual can be used to get rid of jinns that won't leave your house or annoying you, or you can just threaten them with a sharp object and maybe it will work.

So just beware...
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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 6
i dont know why many termed the jinns as bad and dangerous to me it depends on the type of jinn you are dealing with, and why it is good to have a leader who knows what and what is good and next for you to do, if you want to deal with jin you have to weight your self and weight the jin you are summoning if it is a jin of 10,000 years old which does not like to be control then you are in big trouble but if your leader is awear u are summoning a jinn first he will note the age of the jinn second the element of the jinn and your own element like if you are air he wil give you a jinn element of fire which you can control easily and thirdly he give you a protective amulet where by if the jinn sees you he know that my master is calling me rather than i have been summon by a little boy and lastly your master will give you a key control of him in which if you said do and he will definetly obey you and your leader wil give you the kind of cloth to wear when summoning a jinn
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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 7
Well most jinnats are dangerous, but some of them are harmless

You wouldn't know if the jinni you are going to work with only when you begin to work..
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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 8
That is why its good to have a very good leader who knows what is good for you and again its better to creat a jinn than summoning one

if you creat he/she wil grow to know you are its master and feed him with incerst and every good cents that they love
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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 9
jin are dangerous but magician know how to control the jin and if you are going to summon a jin then take a promise on the name of solomon because they never break there promise.
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Re: Conjuration of jinni
Post # 10
This is really an interesting post demon killer but as they said its not safe to summon jinns they r not really friendly to humans and always find a way to hurt them as even death can be possible and its true that boneyskull that I am totally agree with it but I have a little doubt that all the jinns are not that type maybe I can be wrong with my thinking anyway to conjure them is quite hard I have some doubt with these ritual also it may or may not be work well I know according to Islamic tantra peer haider sheikh sadhana is very effective and fruitful technique of summoning of jinn they will come and do what ever we say actually peer haider sheikh is the kings of jinns so if u do this sadhana and make the king happy all jinns will ready to work for you I maybe wrong with my idea maybe but still this summoning of jinns r not for beginners as well as adept also .But this word is also true that the magicians know that how to control jins I found a site its use full for protect against jinns blessed be
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