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A Song for Thor
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As you all can tell, I have a passion for the written arts. I am also very proud of my religion and of my gods. I have found many songs and poems for other gods, however songs displaying the glory of Thor are scarce and far between. So I have written my own, with inspiration from the YouTube personality Alchemical Poetry. Hail Thor!

"A Song for Thor" by Heidenwulfor.
Sung to the tune of "A Song for Odin" by Alchemical Poetry

A song I forge for Odin's son
The God of iron storm
I sing your praise, oh great Red Thor
Your friendship keeps us warm.

You ride your chariot through the sky
For Bifrost can't hold your might
The thunder rolls, the lightning strikes
Filling the heavens with light.

You are protector of us man,
The boisterous Midgard friend.
When tightening your grip on Mjolnir
A message to evil you send,

"To those who wish to cause them harm,
With an evil, frosted knife,
Just know that I am standing guard,
With strength I will end your life."

And when the day of days goes by
The fore sought Ragnarok,
Jormungandr's jaws, forever shut
Your fate, oh Thor, is locked.

For you'll destroy the Earthly wyrm,
Be slain by serpent's tongue,
Your life be taken from this world
Your soul forever lives on.

Gimli be built, the Hall of Gold
From the ruins of Yggdrasil
The Hammer of War, your sons will take
They'll sing of your strength and skill.

Your songs and tales they shall live on,
Long after your death
Empowering fighters forevermore
Your name, it fills their breath.
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Re: A Song for Thor
Post # 2

I see can you tell me anything on this song here than Now i find out what part of the meaning of this song is and. From what i know i will try and guess what the other parts mean but still not sure in some parts here And yes i know its not a real warning just something. Someone made up.

Water rise and fire thrall, like

fire and water are

love and anger one must fall. love and hate most will come to one of the 2 like a war one will over well the over

broom in hand, wand and all, not sure here

heed this fellow witches call. all witchs meaning magic use here this for you all will be needed to help in this when the time comes

father horn and mother moon, not sure here

fate shall come soon. the fate of most beings will come soon

these words not dark but warning all, do not be scary of this this is to let you know what will come

one night shall your coven fall. meaning ones friends in magic and if your friends fall or a lot of magic users to not guve in

my words are sealed by natures call, meaning this will happen not matter what

her beauty shining brilliant and tall. not sure

words of wisdom, power, maul. not sure

lovely demons descend this night demons will walk free like how we do now in this world

i urge all witches to take flight. Come all magic users work by carefor but fight back

may these words warn all let all know this for this is for all to know

fear the savage hunters call not sure but i. Do have ig it means things will go by to were people will kill people who use magic
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Re: A Song for Thor
Post # 3
Your song seems to come from Wiccan origin, which means I can't help you very much. My knowledge on Wicca is very limited and most of what I already know you were able to decipher in the lyrics. "The broom in hand, wand and all" lyric is more than likely very literal, just a reference to the stereotypical tools and items associated with witchcraft. "The father horn and mother moon" is a reference to the main Wiccan Deities, The Horned God and The Mother Goddess. "Her beauty shining brilliant and tall" is just a poetic description of nature, seeing as though it was just talked about in the stanza before it. "words of wisdom, power, maul." Is a description of the warning, saying that the warning they should heed are words of wisdom, power, and maul. The demons more than likely do not mean actual demons, but more the metaphorical demons, burdens and shames people carry with them everyday. Putting it into this sense, it is a warning to tell all witches that these personal demons can tear apart their covens and their practice, straying them down a more negative path. "I urge all witches to take flight." Is a solution to this, more than likely saying to flee or never enter covens that have these personal demons in them, for they will destroy practice and are therefore not true covens in the eyes of nature and the God and Goddess. That is just what I interpreted this message to be.
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Re: A Song for Thor
Post # 4
When finding meaning in poetry or music, you have to be able to find what is metaphorical and poetic, and what can be taken literally, because great poetry and great tales are told through a combination of poetry and prose. Not everything is used in metaphorical senses, nor is everything literal, one must be able to separate the two to create the images and decipher the meanings.
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Re: A Song for Thor
Post # 5

I see well thank you very much. That was all a great help to me. And i will keep that last part in mine.

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Re: A Song for Thor
Post # 6
You have a beautiful gift with words! Thank you for sharing.
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