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i just made a spell?

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► i just made a spell?
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i just made a spell?
Post # 1
So I just started trying to learn magick and I was burning a yellow candle in my bedroom, I then went and gathered the elements to see if I could control one. I gathered some rocks and a clear glass of water. I then burned the rocks put them in the water and blew on the water. Now there is air sticking to the rocks like a bubble and I poked it with a knife and it's still there not floating away. I'm confused did I just somehow combine the 4 elements because it only worked on one of the 3 rocks. The one that I burned with the candle not the lighter. It looks really trippy like silver metallic bubble on black rocks sitting under water. But it's a bubble of air hugging the rock. I also started to chant some words. What should I do now? How do I harness this? Does this mean anything? I have a lot of questions.
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Re: i just made a spell?
Post # 2
Oh yea a piece of my hair fell off in there and when I was done chanting I blew the candle out, I also drank a little before I blew out the candle, I don't know if that's important.
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Re: i just made a spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Congratulations: You've witnessed surface tension, cohesion, adhesion, and a bit more, in action.

None of that is magical in nature. That is how all these things react with each other: Air will adhere to some things, thanks to their texture or some molecular property -- even when immersed.

The silver appearance of the bubbles is merely how bubbles look in some circumstances. The surface tension creates a different density at the place where the water's surface exists; that refracts the light differently. Pay attention to the meniscus at the surface in a clear glass of water. It behaves differently than the rest of the water, at least as far as refractance is concerned. It in in large part thanks to surface tension.

When the rocks were submerged, some air of course went along with them. Water adheres to itself more than air, but may also have adhered to the rock better than the air. The combination of the right circumstances meant that bubbles were trapped on the surface of the rock.

The same principles are in play when water is dropped into water, and occasionally a drop of water will skate across the surface of the larger body for a moment.
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Re: i just made a spell?
Post # 4
Do you know where I can find a mentor or someone to help me out with this stuff.
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Re: i just made a spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
If you are really wanting to learn magic, you first need to learn about magic. Lark suggests some really good books to get started in that direction. One of the four I can recommend, as I have not read the other three. It is Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig.

Magic is not literally about manipulating the physical elements. The elements, rather, are symbolic -- and quite deeply symbolic at that, depending on which tradition. They represent many different things. There is a word (or at least concept) you will encounter a lot in your studies: correspondences. It's basically a set of representations.

But don't be discouraged! Although you may have taken a slight misstep, you're showing some good qualities: creativity and observation are two very important qualities to put to use in the practice of magic.

My own suggestion is that magic is best first used to improve one's self before trying anything external to yourself. Magic, being change in accordance with will, is very well expressed through self-improvement and growth on a mental and [as beliefs differ] spiritual level.

Many believe magic can and does influence the world around them. But it is a lot more than reciting words. It is the manipulation and direction of intent and energy.

If I have some advice to give, I have a list for you:
1. Begin daily meditation practice. Pick some type of meditation and start daily. Simply sitting quietly and focusing on one thing is a spectacular thing to begin. It trains your mind to focus.
2. Read some articles on SoM here about visualization. A very active, deliberate, and vivid imagination are a great tool.
3. Read about energy manipulation.
4. Choose at least two sources for beginners to read about magic, and begin a regular practice. The book I mentioned above is a great resource, and introduces the reader to many aspects of ritual magic. There are plenty of other great resources as well.

When you start out, you will most likely begin learning to focus, learning to put yourself into the right mindset, and learning some basic rituals according to whichever method you choose to follow. These basic practices will take time, and regular (daily if at all possible!) repetition.

But you will find yourself better educated about what direction you wish to take from there.
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Re: i just made a spell?
Post # 6
Thanks man that's a huge help, I'll start doing all of that.
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