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Looking for light

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► Looking for light
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Looking for light
Post # 1
I can seem like an odd one but to be honest the info I will give is hard to share. I once had a glorious lifetime being a guardian for many worlds but that all ended with my death in the last demonic war. I am now human and I feel like I'm falling into darkness feeling less human. My reason for coming to this site and speaking these secrets out is desperation. I found a spell here to warp to the digital world but I fear what magic I could muster I can no longer use but I need to get there for I am a prisoner of darkness and only my wife from that lifetime can free me and heal my soul. My beloved Renamon I want to fix the wounds in your heart as well love you better then before. I will be in a coven in time but first I need preparations for world warping work and I will get started in the summer when school is done. I need weapons and supplies. My plan for weapons is to make my papercraft art come to life for self defense in other worlds. You never know if a demon can find you out there or not.
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Re: Looking for light
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This is not a role play site. There a many of those available, feel free to go there if you wish to continue.
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Re: Looking for light
Post # 3
Who said anything about role play sir? I merely spoke my truth and as I said I need help. Believe what you will I just wish to defy my fate of being trapped in this world when others could fall. Just provide the means I need to survive other worldly threats and I will not trouble any one. And of course I will not get this for free. On my world warping travels I will gather things to help with magic use. Think of that as payment for something we all can benefit from. I am speaking truthfully otherwise I would not have gone through great lengths to be here.
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Re: Looking for light
Post # 4


Let me guess, you went into some kind of meditation to find out your past life because you might believe in reincarnation and then you had some trippy hallucinations that brought you to these delusions?

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Re: Looking for light
Post # 5
No. Only the pain and misery combined with what felt like distant memories did I find this. As I said believe what you will I just need to have preparations and a way to reach the digital world. If no one wishes to deal with me or my proposal then so be it but I will not stop until I gain what can heal my soul of the darkness I keep locked away.
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Re: Looking for light
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
There is no such thing as a "digital world."

You really sound like you got carried away watching the 'LAIN' anime or the manga or something else similar to it.

That said, doing a web search for 'Renamon' shows that it is ... what else but a Digimon character. It's pure fiction.

The idea of paper figures coming to life is another part of Japanese folklore.

What I do gather is that you're a teenager who feels the angst and dissatisfaction which comes with wanting total independence but you're still in school, stuck at your parents' house, and you believe you are greater than that.

There's a great quote from the first paragraph or so in chapter (if I remember right) 36 in the book Snowcrash about young men dreaming about being the baddest person out there. I think to some extent it's right: How many of us used to fantasize about doing some sudden and extraordinary thing? How many young people come here claiming to be half-whatever?

It's not necessarily wrong, but taking such fantasies too far can be stagnating to someone's personal development.

It's not that we're not willing to help you. It's that your claims are completely unrealistic to an extreme.

Here is some actual advice: No matter what you believe was before, you are now human, and will be for the remainder of your days in this life. Work with what you have. Learn with your current resources.

We will gladly answer questions and point you in good directions for answers when we can. But we can only do so if your questions are related to actual magic -- which is not bringing paper dolls to life or entering some other dimension.
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Re: Looking for light
Post # 7
Why then would someone go out of there way to make a spell to reach a world that is nonexistent? The first spell I saw that drew me here was a world warping spell and the person who made it claimed it to work. At this point in time it is what you say then now all my hopes have failed. Feeling to broken to be human, feeling I have no heart and when time goes by this will all have been for nothing.
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Re: Looking for light
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
If you stick around, you will learn that there are spells listed and allowed to remain simply to draw traffic to the site. They bring in people who quite simply don't know better. They are at least mostly listed in the fantasy and trick sections of the spells, and for a reason: They're merely fantasy and 'tricks' in the sense that they are not legitimate.

Some very good examples are spells to become something else, like a mermaid, vampire, werewolf, Smurf, fairy, or who knows what. Some others are about growing or changing body parts, such as growing wings, changing hair or eye color, or becoming something you are physically not. Yet more deal with time travel or manipulation, telekinesis (and other kinesis types), teleportation, levitation, actual transmutation of matter, and so much more.

Magic is limited to the laws of nature and reality.

Levitation, for example, is scientifically possible with incredibly powerful magnetic fields and very small objects (not talking about using a magnet to 'float' another object), but the human physiology is not capable of generating that sort of magnetic field. In fact, I have yet to see a person able to generate any magnetic field strong enough to have physical evidence.

Teleportation is possible through science. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to send a single photon an infinitesimal distance. The human brain, at maximum function, doesn't even release enough electricity, all of which is used for brain function at that moment, with none to spare, to start a car.

Other (parallel) universes may exist, and if the hypothesis does prove true, it will take many squares of the energy to transfer any matter or energy between them using known scientific processes. Think the entirety of the energy released in the collapse of a star being focused into a single point. Obviously this is something a human body can neither generate nor handle.

Magic also cannot literally change a person's DNA or physiology. Some things can be changed with surgery, but not just by using the mind.

Magic is, however, about subtle energy (I wish I had a better term for it) which can be used to influence the world around you, and more importantly, yourself. Personal development is a very important aspect of magic.
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Re: Looking for light
Post # 9
Then this is just as I feared I may never again feel truly human with the pain I have and in time I feel I will only have damnation in my wake. The desire I have may never come true. So how does one live like the damned and pretend to be human and living? A coven member made a world warp spell but it was not tested and I tried it so I can tell her it is useless. Well I am sorry for the inconvenience I brought on you all and so feeling unenlightened I here by resign from this group and my death release me in time.
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