Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok

Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I have seen many sources here talking about Ragnarok, however some say it exists while others say it does not. I would just like to know your opinions here, do you think Ragnarok will happen? Do you think it is a myth? Do you think it has already happened? One of it's signs is the death of Baldr. Do you think the death of Baldr has already happened, meaning the Lore about it is a tale? Do you think it has yet to happen, and that the Lore about Baldr's death is a prophecy? Could you please state your opinion and why? Thank you.
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Re: Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok
Post # 2
In my opinion, Ragnarök could certainly manifest in present times, but it would appear in a form different from what was in the Norse legends.
For example, the Ragnarök predicted by the Norse was a huge flood that wiped out everything. In the modern world, Ragnarök could be something like a meteor, or even a devastating volcanic eruption--evens like that can throw up huge clouds of ashes that cool the world by blocking out the sun.
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Re: Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok
Post # 3
actuallly, ragnarok was told as Surt burning all nine worlds.

and yes, i believe it will come, but that Baldr hasn't died yet.
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Re: Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok
Post # 4

I'd like to restate my opinion out here like the one I've mailed you.

My opinion on this is that it has happened, will happen, and will never happen. I read once somewhere that the cosmos have much different time periods than here on our physical plane. I think it was one of the other Norse Pagan articles, here in this section.

Although everything has to come to an end sometime, logically and scientifically speaking, our end of the world won't come for about 5 billion years due to the sun's size. The sun expands and will eventually swallow up Mercury, Venus, and even Earth. But like I said, that won't happen for an incredibly long time unless humanity somehow screws up really bad and we end up dooming ourselves.

However, in the myths, it will be happening, it is happening, and yet, it hasn't happened. Think about it. If it has already happened, we'd all be dead. The gods would be dead and gone and a new era would be established. But here they are. We still pray to them, communicate with them and devote our time and energy into them. And they still respond to us, so there's another sign that the end of days haven't hit them yet. Or has it?

This is going to be another wild theory that I'm proposing. Earlier into this rant, I had explained that the cosmos and spiritual planes have different time periods and time zones. Think about when an astronaut goes into space. A mere 15 minutes in space could be a whole day on earth. It's all about time. So, there's really no telling when or if it has happened yet.

I also like to think that the gods are omnipotent. But they still have their limits, and no one is perfect. Not even the gods. I mean, have you even met Loki yet? But when using the word omnipotent, I believe they have already experienced everything. They experienced the past, they're experiencing the present, and they've already experienced the future.

I'd also like to touch down on your myth question. I don't really see the myths as stories, but as the life of the gods. It's their experience from when we have created. I like to remember the phrase,"Man created God." Because it's true. Science in some aspects does rule out spirituality. Some things we experience in spirituality cannot be explained in any way with science. Deities are one example. We can't physically prove that deities or gods or goddesses exist. We might accept it as a personal truth for many of us, but it's scientifically impossible with science.

It might doubt some of you, but I like to remember, even if some aspects- or maybe spirituality itself is man-made, I always like to remember I have faith and trust in a higher power that will take care of me after death. I can always go to them for guidance, love, and even to simply have a conversation with. Not all meetings need be formal. I know and I feel a response.

I suppose Ragnarok will come when humanity comes to an end.

That's the end of my rant!

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Re: Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok
Post # 5
Perhaps it had already happened. There are recordings of a huge flood which wiped out the earth, it talks about it in the bible but many cultures have recordings of it so there may be done truth there.

Personally I think if the world ended again it would be by fire, to balance out the flood
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Re: Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok
Post # 6
Some truth there*
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Re: Curiosity and Opinions: Ragnarok
Post # 7
I have two theories, both of them need some work and progress but I still think they're worth sharing.

My first theory is that it already happened, though it was of symbolic nature. In Norse myth at the end of Ragnarok two humans will step outof a tree or something similar, one of them is male and one of them is female. I applied this to what I know aboit Adam and Eve and their Garden of Eden along with the Tree of Forbidden Knowledge. I think in this theory Ragnarok is a symbolic shift of how the world's order is.

My second theory is that it has already happened but it can happen again, of course on a symbolic level. I've come to few Ragnarok as a symbol of the end of a cycle, of a way of life. It can come and go in a days time, or in a centuries time, but when it comes so dies the old and reborn is the new.

I know there are some holes in my thoughts that I'm still passively trying, but I think I could offer another perspective with my two theories.

God bless,

Spiritus Servum

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