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"You find it non-beneficial to learn everything you can, valuing practicality over excess in knowledge. I on the other hand, find knowledge to be the source of all power, therefore we must never stop trying attain it."


I never said you can't or shouldn't learn everything you can. Nor did I say it is not beneficial to learn everything you can. There is an order of practicality though. Learning sometimes takes place after doing.

re: "one must embrace both sides of the universe to have a true, full understanding of it's workings."

I was simply addressing your comment on "full understanding" stating that a full understanding is not required.

I first need to practice a song before I can play it fully. Usually I have not even looked at the end part of the song before I have first played the first part.

There are loads of professionals in all sorts of fields that do not know everything in their field.

A full understanding is not necessary. This does not mean that learning is forsaken.

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