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Forms of Divination

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Forms of Divination
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Forms of Divination
Post # 1
I am looking for forms of Divination, except pendulum (...) and Tarot cards because I'm not able to buy them...
For this forms of divination, psychic abilities shouldn't be needed.

I want to communicate with Deities and also Demons. Thanks everyone.
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Re: Forms of Divination
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Fortune Telling from Misc Topics.
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Re: Forms of Divination
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Scrying may be an option of divination for you.

I'll assume you are young, so your parents are restricting you from purchasing a pendulum or tarot cards. So I'll also assume the use of candles and incense are also restricted.

But they may not mind too much if you ask for, say, an inexpensive black bowl. Pour in a bit of water, and there you go.

There are so very many different forms of divination.

You may also use bibliomancy: take any large volume, open to a random page, and place your finger at some point. The word or passage there would supposedly relate to the question.

Some people will divine using clouds.

And if you want to be clever, you can ask for a sand pendulum. They're intended as a desktop art: The pendulum, suspended from the top, hangs just to the top of the sand. Swinging the pendulum creates interesting patterns. But you could remove the pendulum for divination use, and you'll have a nice place for it when you're finished.

Or you could make a pendulum. Or learn cartomancy with playing cards in stead of tarot. Or cast stones, creating your own grid and gathering your own stones, twigs, and other bits which may have significance to you. Or you could saw discs from a branch, and use a marker to create a set of runes (or whatever other symbols you wish to use for the purpose).
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Re: Forms of Divination
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
If you can't buy anything, you can make due with have you have access to. Pendulums are easy to make. There are a million diy pendulum articles online if you do a google search. I like to use a necklace I have of a wire wrapped gemstone as a pendulum when I'm out and about. I just unclasp the necklace and let the pendant dangle down the side it can't fall off of. Instant pendulum.

Playing cards are read a lot like tarot cards. There are websites and books dedicated to the use of playing cards as a divination tool. You can also use dice or dominoes. All of these were commonly done by gypsies.

Prsona mentioned scrying. I'm sure you already own a bowl or a mirror. Both can be used for scrying. Heck, if you have a computer screen or a smart phone, these can be used as a black scrying mirror when turned off. Scrying just involves looking into a darkened reflective surface with a softened gaze. A swirl of smoke or a fuzzy cloud imagine will generally appear before giving way to an imagine. Sometimes these images are literal and other times they are symbolic. It takes some practice to figure out the difference. For example, seeing the death of a friend while scrying might not mean they will actually die...more likely they might have a bad breakup and feel like they died inside. That would be a symbolic divination. Scrying can also be used to contact spirits, but this isn't recommended until you have practiced the art and have a good back ground in knowledge on dealing with magick and spirits.

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Re: Forms of Divination
Post # 5
Wow! You really know your stuff! I'm 15 and struggling to get things for magic purposes so this was really useful!
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