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Name: AliWeather
Location: Britain
Gender: Female
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Hi I'm Ali! I am fifteen and a low level practitioner.
I've basically been in love with the idea of magic since a small child because of Harry Potter but in the past year I have been enchanted by a different form of magic.
I can't really say I have been studying magic because at the time I had no idea it would link in with magic but I have studied Norse mythology, Greek mythology, Latin and the workings of the moon.
I genrally spend most my days watching videos online or making weird and wonderful pieces of art. (Or in school)
I got into this form of magic when one of my best friends went through a horrible break up with an asshole and we tried to find the best way to seek revenge/ vengeance. In the end we attempted to summon satan (which thankfully didn't work) but we did manage to cast a spell on him which made him erupt with pimples. (They sadly went away after two days) but that gave me a week of headaches and dizziness, which always happens after I do any negative magic, so I try my best to avoid anything like that. From then on I just read up on things sometimes and occasionally cast a spell to hide a pimple.
I hope by joining this site I will gain more power and knowledge when it comes to magic.