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Lucifer and Pacts

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Lucifer and Pacts

Lucifer and Pacts
Post # 1
Now, before I continue I would like to be clear that this is my interpretation of a belief. I have came to this conclusion through study and collaboration with others of same or differing beliefs.
I've seen many of you ask in these forums how to summon and then sell your soul to the Devil. Many of you ask this for various reasons. Whether it be to learn a skill or fix a mistake. Now many people have limited knowledge on the topic of "The Devil" and most usually mean Lucifer, or have the idea of Lucifer in mind while claiming the terms "Devil" or "Satan". Just this misconception alone can cause one to have doubts in their practice. After much study and meditation, I have come to the conclusion that you cannot sell your soul to Lucifer.
Now I know what most of you are thinking by now. "What do you mean, of course you sell your soul to him?" And my simple answer is that you cannot, he is merely not interested nor does he require your souls.
In the Christian belief, the Bible makes no reference to selling one's soul or even bargaining it with "Satan". Looking further into it, I cannot find one religious text, that is set in Western Christian beliefs, where I can find an example of this. Also, even though some personal interpretations from the LaVeyan bible can hint at selling one's soul, it is widely speculated that LaVeyan Satanism is mostly non-theistic. This of course means that they adhere to Lucifer and Satan as symbols for human nature, and not divine deities, meaning that it wouldn't be possible to sell your soul to them. In fact the idea of selling your soul to Satan can more than likely be accredited to literature, music, and modern day "Hollywoodism" (I will be coining that term).
Second, you have to ask yourself "Why would Lucifer want to collect our souls?". I spent a long while meditating on that question, and when I could not come up with a thoughtful answer, it dawned on me that he doesn't. First of all, Lucifer is a divine and very powerful deity. Collecting mortal souls would have almost no effect to his power or divinity. Now you may be asking yourself, "Well yes, but it wouldn't hurt him to do so either." Now that is true, dear reader, however it wouldn't benefit him either. Lucifer has taught many to focus on self improvement, and I would suspect he practices what he preaches. If collecting souls didn't benefit him, didn't lean towards the overall goal of self improvement, he wouldn't focus much time or energy into it.
Finally, Lucifer gave up his seat alongside God to free humanity, and the angels from the servitude of God. If he risked everything to do so, why would he advocate enslaving yourself to him. He wanted us to reach our full potential of power and divinity, for us to become God-like in our own right. He would not ask for one to move from enslavement to enslavement, oppression to oppression.
However, to those who claim to have sold your soul to "The Devil", don't let this article give you a false sense of security. Although it is impossible to sell your soul to Lucifer, many other Lesser Demons can and will benefit from the collection of mortal souls. Demons are known for lying and deceiving, so who can be sure you haven't sold your soul to a lower imp claiming Lucifer's name for credibility? Think on that.

May the Light of Lucifer grace you.
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It's my opinion that the idea of selling ones soul developed from various religions being practiced in the same geographic area. If the temple 10 miles this way worships Apollo and the temple 10 miles that way worships Hecate...well the concept of their individual beliefs of their destined afterlifes could be quite different. This is even more pronounced in Norse and Celtic faiths where the places one could go are numerous. Your soul would then go with whomever you honored, therefore, in a sense, you give it to a particular deity. With monotheism, especially Christianity there are tons of references to giving themselves up to their god. So of course, given that these religions expect that their god will take their soul after death into their realm/land/heaven, it would only make sense that the "Devil" would take his followers to his realm, which in Christian eyes is a place of sin that is fiery and dark. Now I don't believe in sin and I'm not a xtian, but to me the association with the sacraments of baptism (marking in a God's name), communion (god eating), and confirmation (taking responsibility for the choice of dedicating oneself to one particular god) sounds a lot like selling one's soul to Jesus Christ as Yahweh's human incarnation. So it's only natural to view any dedication to a deity as a form of voluntary slavery.
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
Post # 3
Hmmm, I never looked at from that. That is very interesting and would make sense where the idea came from. It can also be said that the idea was then romanticized in the media (i.e. movies and music) because it was so deeply ingrained into the religious beliefs of others.
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
Post # 4
you know the fact is that nothing is bad,we people want to have defnition out of everything so we use devil,good..you must be a human with whatever you believe in
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Selling ones soul i old lore
Lucifer does not want worship
He demands respect, one does not work for Lucifer
He works with Lucifer
Its the opposite of christians God
Left and right hand, anyone who claims
Otherwise is not correctly thiking
Inside secret Satanic societies,laveys theories are a Joke
As are Mr Fords. I respect both of them actually
But they are preaching falsehoods
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
Post # 6
Winchester, could you post any resources that do not teach these falsehoods, as I am running out of material to articulate on.
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I've heard fantastic things about the Lucifer: Princeps by Peter Grey
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Rune Soup did a podcast with him if you're looking for a taste of his knowledge.
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
By: / Novice
Post # 9
No Luci, They dont really exist.
If your church has some knowledgeable members you will come to find out,Real truths are never revealed
In Holy books and Magick books alike
They give clues, parables, throw us off track and then put us on track, anyone who has progressed in a magick system
Or been on the inside of a religious order will tell you
Their real wisdom began when they realized they had to unlearn everything that they thought they knew
Its stressful bro, but its fun too, unlocking the secret keys
Its a life time path..If you stick it out you wont be sorry..
The real secrets wont ever come from books
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Re: Lucifer and Pacts
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Stick with me,stay in the Coven and you will learn when you are ready...You are not exactly ready yet, you seem like you try to recruit people into the path of Lucifer, that's against the rules
That's what many right hand paths to..
People have to come on their own.
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