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Liberated of Lucifer

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Liberated of Lucifer
Post # 1
"The Liberated of Lucifer" is a Luciferian denomination of Satanism, the church is specifically based in Utah.
We believe that everyone has the ability, through study and practice, to become Gods or Goddesses in our own right. We also believe that the Christian God, known as Yaweh, was once a man, who through study and practice achieved Godhood. However this man was cruel, malevolent, and selfish. He created the spirits and the Angels long before the Earth was created, and told them that they must kneel before him and worship him for eternity, never letting them know of there potential ability. He did this out of selfishness and fear that they may one day surpass him in power. He used many instruments other than ignorance, such as punishment of losing their physical bodies on Earth, to keep them in the his bondage. By them surrendering to him, they forfeit there power. However two of his children, Lucifer and Lilith, knew there was more to life than constant worship, and demanded that God tell them more. God did everything in his ability to prevent them from knowing, but they soon learned of a council of Gods that God answered to. Lucifer and Lilith demanded an audience with the council. God could not deny them this, so the council met with them. It was at this meeting, Lucifer, the Child of Light, learned the truth of God's oppression, and began to tell everyone of their ability, to no longer fear punishment of God because through study and practice they could surpass him in power. Lucifer gained a mass following, and this disturbed God. He then called a large meeting of every angel, and there God addressed Lucifer's children, as well as stripping Lucifer and Lilith of there right to become Adam and Eve, the first people. He told them to gather their following and they shall present to God, however they will be denied earthly bodies made by God. Lucifer wanted to gain more following, so devised a plan. He knew of the creation of sin, and knew a savior would be necessary. He offered to end his rebellion and become the spirit of the Savior, as long as he and God shared power. God declined this and instead chose the offer of Jehovah, that he would become the Savior (later Jesus Christ) and God could have absolute power. This proved God's selfish intentions to deny his children power. God then called for the Angels that followed him to kneel before him. Lucifer and Lilith knew that they needed to strike God with cunning and trickery, so he had half of his following kneel before God, so they could use their Earthly bodies to spread the truth on Earth of Lucifer's rebellion. Those spirits would become the Liberated of Lucifer, destined to spread the word of worldly pleasure, self improvement, and free will and free thought. We speak out against the oppression God, and his use of prophets, popes, and priests to enslave and ensnare his followers, forcing them to surrender their power to him.

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Re: Liberated of Lucifer
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Interesting ,best of luck with everything
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Re: Liberated of Lucifer
Post # 3
That's a fascinating take on the story of Lucifer's rebellion. The world needs more people believing in their own freedom.
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