Clarification of Vampires

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Clarification of Vampires
Post # 1
I've noticed many people here who confuse vampires from the movies as being real. As stated many times by a senior member called Brysing, just believing in something doesn't make it true. If you can't understand what that means, basically let us say I believe I can smash through a thick concrete wall. However, just because I believe I can do that doesn't mean I can, as I'm still human and the belief changes nothing so that I can. Now there are kinds of "Vampires" called Energy Vampires, although this is a somewhat more polite term for Energy leeches. Now what people are saying these things not as an insult, although I do find a few who add insult, not going to point fingers, they are saying them because, all evidence we have goes against the existence of vampires. For instance, the human body has almost no way of converting so blood provides sustenance, and it cannot gain the impossible strength and speed of a vampire without drastically changing muscle mass. As for vampire spells, most of them are fake. I say "most" because there may be a few to help against energy "vampires", those are about the only legitimate ones you will find. As for the others, you can try them, but you'll more than likely get little to no results as many people have tried before, and if they succeeded, think of this, why would people even need to question the existence of vampires? If one of those spells actually worked, then why is it there are no known vampires? Simply, because despite the dozens, maybe hundreds who have tried, none have been able to do it. Even those who studied for years tried and failed. So, will you waste your time trying to pick up for where they left off, for something all things say doesn't exist, or will you think about it and make use of your time doing something else, something actually worth the time and study? Thank you for reading, feel free to add any information you might have.

Re: Clarification of Vampires
Post # 2
A good post seraphin,

but I'm afraid your wasting your time trying to explain why vampires are not real. Trust me I have tried many times before to get people to have sense but they will believe what they want to believe. But saying that in time people will have common sense one day and realise Hollywood vampires don't exist

Re: Clarification of Vampires
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Let's first of all disperse with human blood.You may, if you must, drink a little (very little!) of your own blood.But, if you drink the blood of another Human it could be fatal.
You can, of course, drink the blood of other animals. One African tribe derives most of its protein from the blood of cattle. I eat cooked animal blood as Black Pudding; what in Germany is called Blut Vurst.
So, there are no vampires who drink blood.
THe "energy leeches" are well known. They are the ones who are always so frail and helpless; wanting everything to be done for them. They can drain the energy from a "carer" in a matter of weeks. But they are not what is usually referred to as Vampires.
The vampires of Dracula do not exist; and never have existed.

Re: Clarification of Vampires
Post # 4
Maybe so, Artemis, but if it explains it to just one person, and keeps them from wasting their time, than it was at least partially worth.

Re: Clarification of Vampires
Post # 5
As I've said before in the other post regarding vampires, it's mostly a spiritual/psychological belief/condition that leads people to believe they are vampires. (Or at least feel the need that they absolutely must drink blood or absorb energy in order to feel healthy or survive.) No, vampires do not exist. However, the myth of the vampire still lives on. Superstition that spans for more than a century is hard to quell. This is probably why it was so easy for the neo-gothic/gothic culture to adopt such a legend into their practices and lifestyles. I mean, come on, look at the aesthetics of your typical folkloric vampire and the Bram Stoker's Dracula vampire. Darkness, death, blood, gore, graveyards. That's a gothic kids dream come true.

Re: Clarification of Vampires
Post # 6
I'm not going to go into my views on vampires but I will say this. There are three types of people that care about vampires.

The first are those that will believe that they exist, saying that they hide themselves or blend into society. Most likely some of these people are more obsessed and also wish to be turned into one. After a while some of these people will not care or no longer believe.

On the other end of the spectrum are those that do not believe that vampires are real and never will believe until are shown proof that can not be disproved by science. For the most part these people will always be in this category.

The last category or people that don't care one way or the other. Self explanatory.

Re: Clarification of Vampires
Post # 7
the OP says vamps don't exist? i heavily agree... however he/she also says that smashing through concrete never happens (nor does feats of superhuman strength??)

let me ask the OP this then... what about that *shaman* how has proven he can levitate? what about that karate kid who can smash through a SOLID brick (not just a breeze block)? What about though Shoalin monks? who throw themselfs on swords and hit each other with concrete mallets (with no adverse effect? AND when you watch in slow motion you can actually TELL that it is real because the force of it make their skin dent/ripple etc?)

Re: Clarification of Vampires
Post # 8
.... why can we not edit our posts???QQ

the edit would have been... *and what about that parent who gets into a massive car accident with her children... rushes out of the car, tries to open their door but cant... then MIRACULOUSLY 30 seconds later... she rips the door appart? is THAT fake?

Re: Clarification of Vampires
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Well, Barney, as there is nothing on your profile, we don't know your age; but I guess about 12.
So,tell us; did you actually witness these things, or did you see them on a video?
The reason I am asking is because I have seen Christopher Reeve actually fly; and lift a full size helicopter with one hand.
Seen men survive car crashes,plane crashes, train crashes.I've seen men (and women)shot dead and covered in blood, and still be alive to make another movie.
Smashing through a brick wall is easy!

Re: Clarification of Vampires
Post # 10
Most of that I presume is due to years of conditioning and training. Though breaking through concrete is done mostly for show. And I'm sure there has to be a certain way you have to hit something with a certain amount of force in order for it to break.

Also the whole "ripping the car door" thing can be easily explained by an adrenaline rush. Though it gives us a very brief moment of strength due to our primal "fight or flight" instincts, this usually doesn't last any longer than a few moments. And most of them time people end up severely injured due to extreme strain they had put on their bodies during the adrenaline rush.

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