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Any psychics/clearvoyants

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Any psychics/clearvoyants
Post # 1
I think i have posted something about this some time ago, but i would like to re-open the topic, mostly because it's, i guess, stronger if it makes sense.

Example one: Some months ago, as some of you have known, if you've seen other posts of mine, iv'e had some family problems with my dad and his girlfriend. One seemingly calm day, i had a slight feeling someone was going to get yelled at. Sure enough, my brother, step brother and me had a talk with my dad about marijuana and stuff. It wasn't as bad as i felt it would be but it happened.

Example two: I had that same feeling, but i felt it stronger that time. My step brother and i were out, when we were walking back to my house we got ambushed by his brother, his brother's girlfriend and a friend of theirs. He tried to defend me, but his mom went out and told him to step aside so i can get a bottle of whopa$$. I did. The two girls attacked me at the same time, then the friend. So that happened.

Example three: I was basically forced to move with my mother here in California,and all the bad stuff, the paranoia, the threats and violence stopped. I even started having dreams again. My sister said that i didn't dream because i was always under pressure and always felt threatened even in my own home. So i had a weird feeling, something i hadn't felt before, it was like my dad's girlfriend's voice in my head. some days later my dad calls me and tells me her and her son that attacked me with the other two girls accused me of sleeping around where i used to live and that i sent my friends that defended me after the assault to beat him up and in return i'd pleasure them. Which of course is not true, i have been very decent in my life, even showing a shoulder or an ankle would be considered indecent for me. Don't get me wrong, i'm not one of those nun kids, but i certainly do not go around offering neighbor friends sexual favors for violent favors.(one little kid punched her son and he said it was more that 5 people, most of them were my friends, but no one touched him. He then went out and tried to pepper spray them. I was told the little kid punched him because of everything he was making me go through.)

Sorry that got long haha. So anyway, the feeling i felt before the attack and the talk was more like... I had my eyes closed but i was awake, i heard someone arguing in my head, i couldn't tell who but it was someone arguing. The 3rd example's feeling was more like i heard her voice inside my head.

Toward the beginning of the time i moved in with my mom, i was trying to sleep, but failed, i heard a child cry. But i don't recall anything ever happen, except, before this happened that actually happened twice, and both times i had sleep paralysis my brother in law said he either saw or had a dream of this child in a white dress with long hair running toward him and screaming when the lights wouldn't turn on. Maybe there is a ghost in this house, i just wanted to add this.

Well, it's been long enough, i hope i didn't bore you! Blessed be everyone.
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