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Demons and Spirits

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Demons and Spirits
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Demons and Spirits
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
It is my belief that modern Movies and TV have done enormous damage to the Minds of young people of today. I am an old man, so let me explain.
I grew up in a world without TV, without personal telephones, or personal radios. At that time, certainly in Britain, there was very severe censorship of movies and radio.
Movies were "Certified". A "U" certificate was for movies suitable for the whole family. An "A" was for Adults,but children were allowed to see these if, and only if, they were accompanied by an adult. "H" was for "Horror", and nobody under the age of sixteen was allowed to see these movies; and they were very "tame" by modern standards. The "special effects" were very primitive!
The censorship was very strict; everybody, when I was a boy carried an Identity Card, with date of birth stamped on it. There was no chance of a child watching a Horror movie.
So the children of my generation knew nothing of Demons, Ghosts, Spirits; and Angels were only of "The Church". (Most kids didn't believe in angels anyway!).
Modern TV shows are filled with Demons, Vampires, and all sorts of Ghouls,Ghosties, and Long-Leggedly-Beasties.
No wonder the imagination of today's youngsters runs riot!
I can honestly say, that in 83 years of life, I have never been contacted in any way with any spirit,demon,or angel.
I did believe in angels until about the age of ten;but that was because I was at a Catholic school.
And please, don't give me any of that nonsense about "not letting them in". According to most "beliefs" they cannot be stopped from "coming in".
To my Mind, today's youngsters have a hard time sorting out fact from fiction. My childhood was much happier, and more peaceful.
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Re: Demons and Spirits
Post # 2
Hello again brysing. I agree how movies can harm. To quote what you said "most kids didn't believe anyway" I disagree. Churches very often shoved the beliefs of demons down on kids to makes them not "sin". There is a lot of stories, legends, and folklore of demons, spirits, vampires, werewolves and other creatures. Some cultures believes them to be real. I respect your right to your science or non-beilfs. Which ever works for you, works for you. I think its okay to believe in whatever the hell you want to believe. But if its claim as "fiction" then they get their point of view slammed on this site. But yet if they try to defend themselves people say its wrong or there crazy. It seems this site only promotes one set of thinking. I hope I'm wrong because I hate seeing people's beilfs being slammed just because its different.
On a lighter note. I never knew that of older British broadcasting...learned something new.
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Re: Demons and Spirits
Post # 3
Bible claims the existence of demons, Every religion holy books States about demons and spirits. One should better have a look on exorcism, Whether one believe or not in them It doesn't make them Fiction.
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Re: Demons and Spirits
Post # 4
But I do not claim that Werewolves mermaids and vampires are exist or don't exist.
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Re: Demons and Spirits
Post # 5
As a younger generation it is true that Hollywood and pop culture are making vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, and other beings into these very mystifying beings that everyone wants to become or see. Due to my own beliefs I do believe that angels, demons, angels, werewolves, and other beings exist but they are no where close to what novels or movies or even faith puts them as.

Vampires, werewolves, and other human like creatures blend into society and live among us as if they have no powers. Angels can either be born into flesh to do their job of helping others or stay in spirit but they can not be miracle workers for everyone. Demons are all around but only attack those that they can gain something from.

Yet again these are my beliefs and I will stand by them
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