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Hi everyone! I'm Takky.

I found this website a few days ago, I came down with a horrible cold and I was really beside myself because it seemed like I was going to be sick for Christmas because when I get sick I get really unwell due to bad immunity and health issues.

Anyway so, I was on many different types of over the counter medicines for it when the cold hit it's worst, I was so sick I thought I wouldn't be able to work and that I was going to be ill at least till Christmas.

So desperate for this cold to be gone I did a web search for spells to get rid of the cold/flu. This site was basically one of the first results and I came up with a spell that involved a blue cord, eucalyptus oil, and tying knots in the blue cord. It seemed fairly simple and doable considering my condition.

However, I didn't have any of those things. So I more or less improvised. I had a roll of blue cleaning cloth in the cupboard which I braided into a cord, and I had vapor rub which had eucalyptus oil in it. So I used those to do the spell and wore the cord for 24 hours as the instructions said and the following day my health had improved immensely. I felt the cold was gone, I still had some recovering to do since my body had to clean all the stuff out of it's system and I had to recover from all of the medicine I had to take just to function.

But the fever broke, the runny nose stopped up, and the sore throat was completely gone!

To be honest I've always been a believer of powers beyond our complete understanding, but I have also been skeptical as well, but I'm really happy with the results I got, and I just wanted to thank this community for being here, and learn more about this.

Right now I'm reading through the articles before I try to do anything else, just so I understand everything. As for more information about me personally, seeing as I'm greeting everyone. I'm a creative kind of person, I like art, music, and learning, I consider myself the studious type although that said, I don't achieve academically, I just like the pursuit of knowledge, not necessarily the grading of it.

I hope to make some friends here and learn a lot of new things. If anyone has any advice for me as a newbie to this site I'd be much appreciative! (I've already read the survival guide so I know generally what not to do)

Happy to meet you all!
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Re: Hi!
By: / Novice
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I'm happy you are doing better.
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