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The term "fluffy"

Forums ► Comments ► The term "fluffy"
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The term "fluffy"
Post # 1
This is getting aggravating how people get so extremely offended by fluffy and insist we don't use. I am well aware of the other uses for the term
1) Gabriel Iglesias used the term for overweight people I watched that comedy routine I know exactly what it is.
2) A derrogatory term for gay people.

I'm pretty sure someone cleared it up somewhere but I want to make a new one so people can look and say to themselves, "Oh look whats that? An explanation for fluffies? How convenient!"
Here is a piece from our very own SoM Survival Guide

Fluffy - also known by many other names is the worst label a member can have, usually this behavior especially repeatedly can result in being gagged or banned. These members are classified as people who give the serious members who are here to learn and share the true meaning and values of what magic really is and what it can do a bad name. They do not necessarily do bad or objectionable things but rather they can frequently be conceited, overconfident, poorly informed, immature, and sometimes exhibit a sophomoric humor. They refuse to learn or accept other peoples opinions and beliefs, and they think there can never be a possibility that their ever wrong.

Some examples to this behavior are:

Pretending to be the following- A Vampire, A Mermaid, A Werewolf, A Demon, A Fairy, A Half this and that Hybrid, or anything mythological or legendary in nature.
By lacking the ability or willingness to understand and accept common and basic concepts, the resistance or ability to complete tasks or answer questions without credible or accepted sources, and by not using or listening to reason, logic, reality even when a multitude of people agree or have concluded the same result.
By displaying excessive amounts of overconfidence, being blatantly annoying, exuding supremacy or acting like you are better than someone else (especially when you don't know each other beyond a certain limit considering this is cyberspace).

I know what it must feel like to be new and come in and have that being thrown around and not understand this is what we mean. I am not in any way trying to offend anyone I just want people to know so they don't feel bad if they happen to be gay or overweight. This forum post was originally inspired by someone who said they were hurt because they thought we were insulting overweight people. I hope this will help clear up the problem, but people, when you get on you get an email talking about the newbie section anyway which has this information. If you don't read it then it isn't our fault if you get offended because you had the resources, so you should have used them.

Again I am not trying to offend anyone but my intention is to help clear this problem so people dont get hurt and leave because of a misunderstanding.

Re: The term "fluffy"
Post # 2
Course then again someone i can guarantee you will say something against this in anger at me but thats perfectly okay. Thinking about it again now I realize that yes that term, even if not meant for gays or overweight people, it is still used as an insult. I myself will not deny I have used it towards people when in chat they were doing "fluffy" behaviors. However, I know I am wrong when I do that, and I apologize to anyone I might have offended, and I guess we shouldnt carelessely throw it around the way we do. If someone is for example pretending to be a vampire refrain from calling them a fluffy and either explain you cant be a vampire, or ignore it. Course I dont have the right to tell anyone what to do but it is a suggestion. Anyone in opposition may gladly do what they like in expressing it to me.

Re: The term "fluffy"
Post # 3
Not speaking against most of what you said, you bring a good point, just keep in mind how many different views there are on this. Some may overreact, like some are bound to become angry beyond reason, but when they do there is the question of "Why do they act like this?" Something for thought.

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