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Kitchen magic

Forums ► General Info ► Kitchen magic
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Kitchen magic
Post # 1
kitchen magic is wonderful and also easy to understand anything can be a tool for magic so why not a wood spoon you use to cook with. Knowing the basics meaning over herbs? you use every day can help relax not only you but the people you serve to for example basil bring good luck and leeks are used for love and protection. Everything we use has an effect its just learning what they mean and using them to enhance are cooking this can be a pie a soup even a morning tea everything can be used to make us channel are energy more efficiently . Yule is coming up so I will focus on the herbs and things we can do to make it the best one yet so lets begin?
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Re: Kitchen magic
Post # 2
we all love are cakes and treats at Yule and celerbrate a little different but taking the time to learn kitchen magic will help make you and your family feel better than ever.

When i am cooking of making anything i have a little blessing or spell to awaken the gifts. this doesnt mean you have to bless everthing simple writing a spell to give your warm, love and energy for your home make cup of tea will help.
or you could make a strew do a blessing and then mention the gifts each herb and substance has to awaken it...

ALMOND - are a wonderful little snack but are used to promote healthy energy, wisdom and fuitfulness.

APPLES - making an apple pie did you know they are used for love frendship and health why not add..

Lemon- only a squeek but it will help cleanse your mind and body.

BLUEBERRYS - I add to my tea beacause they are used for protection and are just wonderful for you

CHIVES - I love them with everything so I add them to strews to bring protection but they can also help with weight losss

BRAZIL NUTS - are used for good luck so why not get some for the family to munch on over Yule

CINNAMON- adding cimmamon to your apple pies can not only make it feel warm and welcoming but is used for Luck , strengh and prosperity so why not.

CHESTNUTS - are used for love some into around your cakes or just on there own to help bring love and warmth to your family

Charmomile - is used for love healing and reducing stress so many you could drink some befor you start cooking for a family of 7 I do...

CHERRYS - Making bakewell tarts if can help Love, divination, gaiety and happiness
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Re: Kitchen magic
Post # 3
I am on the same page with you. I love being in the kitchen and cooking with all of the herbs and spices that are available to you. I am an Herbalist in practice's myself, in so I am learning a wonderful new level to cooking that has always been there.
Working with the herbs not just for taste but for the healing properties, the joy and happiness or just the calming effects that just being in the kitchen can bring, has been a great help for me on my path.
Thanks for all of the wonderful tips .
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Re: Kitchen magic
Post # 4
your very welcome if you want to add your own little tips please do even if some people know them others might not for example i dont egg wash my apple pies and place cinnammon and sugar over the tops to make it crispy
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Re: Kitchen magic
Post # 5
Thank you for this interesting post draga. For healing and protection, I use garlic, cinnamon, ginger, and onion. Cinnimon also has a warmth to it so I use it for social spells. Sage, basil, oregano, parsley, and rosemary seem applicible to cleansing and banishing negative influences from their aroma and taste.
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