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How to Post Spells
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Information about posting spells for new members

Being able to post your own spells is a superb feature of this site. Unfortunately, when new members ask how to do it they are often told "You have to be a council member or higher in a coven" which is as true as it is unhelpful.

So how can I post spells if I'm not council? you might ask

A second great feature on this site is the Spell Casters coven, which automatically accepts new members and allows all members to post spells and articles. Members in this group are automatically promoted to council, and for this reason it makes sense to create a second Spell casters account if you are already a regular member in another coven.

To join Spell Casters:

First, you must be a member of the site and signed in. Then click the groups tab. Click Spell Casters , which has an eye in a crystal ball next to it. Click the link that says Accepting Applications then click Join Spell Casters. The page will reload and it will now say "change Status" next to membership. Congrats! you are now a member of the most egalitarian coven on this site.

To post a spell:

Click the Spells tab, then in the top right corner underneath "Sign Out" is a new tab that says "Add Spell. " You will be taken to a page with 4 text boxes: Spell Name, Spell Summary, Spell Ingredients, and Spell Instructions. Look at other well written spells on the site as a model for how you should format yours. In Spell Categories, do your best to pick options that are closest to what your spell does, even if it is for something unusual. Under Public change the drop down box to "Yes" so all members may see the spell, then click Save Changes and the spell will be submitted. Make sure you have made any final edits before submitting.

If you want to see your submitted spells, click your Profile tab, then the "History" tab that appears, and there should be a link to it.

To post an article:
Similar steps for posting a spell, except go to the articles tab and click add article in the top right corner.

I hope you find this helpful!

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Re: How to Post Spells
By: / Knowledgeable
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