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Question everything you hear about magic and spirituality. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Be careful not to fall victim to belief systems and remember to think.

Value your freedom of mind and spirit and remember that some secrets are worth keeping to yourself.

Magic will not solve your problems without the mundane actions your intent requires.

I do not cast spells for people, give readings, summon entities for you, or talk to kids who pretend to be fantasy creatures. If I choose to teach or give advice, that is my decision and I am not obligated to mentor or teach people. I am really not interested in hearing your reason for needing a spell. I will try to help those who are interested in learning magic, but not those who are despirate for a quick way out of a bad situation.

Some of my magical interests: Necromancy Numerology Sympathetic magic Ancient religions Chaos magic Blood Magic Kabbalah Divination (incl Tasselomancy & palmistry) Hoodoo Herbalism Planetary energy 141-027-0