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BTW,i dated a MTF transsexual from 2004-20105
She was Cuban American and by the time I met her was fully transitioned,She caught my eye she was like one of the Porn star TS
She had a beautiful face And a body like Jessica Rabbit
That was the look she went for.Double Ds
Small waist,pretty face and huge Silicon Butt like Iggy Azalia
I'm not ashamed of it,to me she was a Girl
She started on Hormones at 14,we met when she was 28.
The more passable one becomes,and the longer life goes on you learn to accept yourself better,Her parents disowned Her,she ended up living with her Grandmother,in order to make the money to transition and live her life,she became a prostitute and sold herself to years which she now regrets but by the time I met her she was finished working a normal job,she is now reunited with het family and lives in Canada with a Great guy and has a step son
If you go down This path it won't be easy.The good thing for you is today it's a lot more excepted then it was 25 years ago when my ex started and I think every decade it will become more so.Good luck and be ready to be very strong..The other option is stay in a body you hate and live a very hard life also.
Either way,your life Will be no picnic but remember it's your life to do as you wish..My advice is wait until your 18 years of age to begin unless your parents are cool with it.Good luck!

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If you want to have a better appearance, you may try this meditation technique. Meditation helps build up spiritual energy, so when you have 'enough' energy, your appearance will look better.

You may look up "Full Lotus Meditation", this meditation can help you energize your body physically, mentally, and spiritually.

If your legs, knees, and thighs hurt during the meditation, it is okay because it is releasing the dirty energy from your body. Try do it 30 minutes a day. You can start it by doing 10 to 15 minutes if you cannot tolerate the pain.

This meditation also leads to spiritual ascension awakening.

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Well,I'm a very good looking Guy actually
Many of us Italian American males have it in the looks Department :)I am meditating a few times a week for 20 min
I do not enjoy it get,but since I started Reading Jason Miller He has convinced me that it's very good for you and Magick
Also crowly swore by it as does the original Law of Attraction writers one being Famous New age occultest William Walker Adkinson

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Dingdong, this discussion is about pain, not happiness! The original poster is asking for help because she is,perhaps, born in the wrong body.
My advice to her is to contact April Ashley, she has helped thousands who were "born in the wrong body." She has a website.
Science knows full well that it happens; although it is rare. All babies start off in the womb as female.Later, the genitals may change into male. But not always! Sometimes the genitals don't change, and what is born as a boy is really a girl. And sometimes what is born as a girl is really a boy.
Look it up in "genetics".
And Dingdong, please shut up!

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