Reusing candles

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Reusing candles
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So, I recently read in one of my occult books that you shouldn't reuse candles from one spell and use them in another. However, before I read that, I reused candles all the time and the magic still had a great effect. Is reusing candles something I should be worried and I just had luck, or is reusing candles really not a big deal?
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Re: Reusing candles
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

The thing people have about not re-using candles is because if you mix different types of spells, that can be seen as "muddling" them together. For larger candles, this just simply is not practicle. If you're using a candle for a specific type of spell, or if you're just using the candle to "boost", then you're fine. Then there are those that believe that the candle isn't as important to the ritual/spell as it is to aiding you getting into the right mindset for magical work.

For religious or honoring reasons (like honoring deities or ancestors), lighting any candle will do and there isn't any "restriction" on only using one candle per-anyone. Really, it's all about what you feel is right for you to practice.

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Re: Reusing candles
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Your occult book was probably referring to the finer "rules" of traditional candle magick.

When performing candle magick, it is generally suggested that only "virgin" candles are used, candles that have never been lit or used before, as it provides a clean slate for the working and ensures that residual energies from previous workings wont interfere with the task at hand.

It is also done for practicality, as when doing traditional candle magick each candle is blessed, consecrated, and charged for the specific working, before the actual working takes place. This is referred to as "Dressing a candle" and it isdone to remove the preexisting energies and replace them with new energies aimed toward the purpose of your spell/working. The two main ways to dress a candle are to either attract, or repel, certain energies using water or oils. If you want to attract something to yourself, rub oil from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the middle of the candle. If you want to repel, rub oil from the middle to the top, and then from the middle to the bottom. While doing this, focus on the desired outcome of the working, energizing the wax with your energy & intent.

If the candle is allowed to burn completely, it is suggested that the leftover wax is buried on your property (if for attracting) and away from your property or at a crossroads (if for repelling). Since it is your working, do what feels right to you. This is said to complete the ritual, and hence, why each candle can only be used once.

For your purposes, its fine to reuse candles. If you ever get into Candle Magick as a primary practice, then you might find it more appealing to only use virgin candles. It comes down to personal preference.


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