Curse/revenge spell

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Curse/revenge spell
Post # 1
Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site and I need help!!! What would be the most effective and best spell to use for revenge on someone??

Here's my situation: I have an enemy that I really need to get revenge on. She has threatened me and made my life a living hell after stealing my boyfriend and causing me to have a miscarriage because of the stress and pain she was causing me. Now I want to get even with her and to make her pay for making me loose everything that ever mattered to me!!

So basically I want her to suffer ... at least as much as she made me suffer!!! And that's a lot!

Note: I'm not worried about the threefold rule because I don't really have anything to loose anymore thanks to that *****.

So can someone please suggest me something that's not too complicated to begin with, that doesn't require freaky ingrédients and that will most likely work.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Curse/revenge spell
Post # 2
I've been there before. In truth, dude went on his own. She didn't steal him like merchandise. He's human, with his own free will, and did what he truly wanted to do. I don't believe in the three-fold rule. However, I do believe in karma, and it's already on its way in that situation. Believe me, no matter what, things can always get worse. You don't want to push karma so hard that it has to return to you. But if you really want to see her suffer, tread lightly. Don't entertain her. Just sit back and quietly watch dude do the same thing he did to you. Be blessed
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Re: Curse/revenge spell
Post # 3
I know you feel lost and without hope. But Karam does come back around. Karma has it's own timeline and you may or may not witness Karma at work. But honestly the best revenge you can have if that's what you truly want, is to pick up the pieces of your life. And find a new and better life. That's the best revenge there is to go one with life without someone and never let them hurt you again.
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Re: Curse/revenge spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
To start you need to know how magick works in order to cast a spell. If you can charge/ground energy and focus, then you can cast. Otherwise it's a waste of time.

Next, the threefold law isn't something everyone believes in, so if you don't believe in it you don't have to worry. It's a Wiccan belief, so if you don't follow Wicca you shouldn't consider the Threefold Law. However, if you do believe in it and/or follow Wicca, you should know it's been interpreted a number of ways, even if you think you've lost it all, there's always something more you could loose. Some feel 'threefold' doesn't mean 'three bad things' but 'mind, body and spirit' so by that belief this curse could affect you by mind=anxiety body=sickness and spirit=losing your spiritual connection. If you believe it will effect you physically 3 times, you could crash your car, house burn down, loose your job, be robbed, close friend/family dies or becomes sick, you could become sick or injured. These are extreme examples but I'm trying to point out there's always something worse that could happen. If you're alive, you could loose something. You can also gain anything. [And I know how hard it is to look on the bright side, but try looking at some good things] plus, if you believe in the Threefold, you should also believe it will effect them as well. If you do good you will be rewarded three times over. [It's not just for punishments you know, but rest assured those who did wrong will get what they deserve]

Whether you curse her or not try and forgive and move on. Right now forgiveness seems impossible, but just work on finding inner peace so you can stop the pain and move past it. This anger is only hurting yourself at this point. Meditation, journaling, perhaps therapy, can help. Even yoga or affirmations have been known to help.

I am sorry to hear this happened to you, and I hope you get better soon. [But as a personal rule I don't post curses]
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