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Past Lives ?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Past Lives ?
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Past Lives ?
Post # 1

Is there a way and if so what is the best way to find out what was your past life?

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Re: Past Lives ?
Post # 2
Past lives are typically found through meditation. If I may suggest a book, The Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak teaches some really good meditation techniques that can be used to find past lives. Pages 30 thru 34 cover the technique I use to gain access to my past lives.
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Re: Past Lives ?
Post # 3
You could try a past life regression hypnosis. Wether or not it is legit in showing you your past lives is uncertain but from what I've read it can give you a pretty vivid experience. I always fall asleep. So don't try it if you're tired! lol
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Re: Past Lives ?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
There are some past life regression therapists who will talk you through the meditation to relax your body, then let you imagine walking down a hall, and into a door that leads to the past life that you need to connect with.

Once you're through that door (or something, it depends on the meditation) try to think about what your feet look like. If they're not your feet from your present life, then you can begin to wonder what sort of person you are now, and then you're in a past life.

Some past life regression therapists then guide you to recall what the childhood of this person was like, and then the manner of their death. After that, they can bring you out of the meditation and discuss what you've learned from that past life, and why that lesson needs reminding.

I can explain the steps here, and maybe you can even record your own voice talking you through a meditation. But of course a past life regression pro will be able to make necessary adjustments in a way a recording won't be able to.
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Re: Past Lives ?
Post # 5
I have done a past life regression before. It takes meditation and complete open/clear mind.

I can say I was expecting to see my life in a whole. But what I got was glimpses of what was. (Still very cool) I can say from what I seen was that in the few past lives I was always a female. (of the ones I did see)

I seen my foot and toga from the Roman error, I seen myself in the mid evil times, in a black dress, more throws the poor side of society, and anther was from the pioneer days, I wasn't rich, but seemed on the well to do side. Here I was married and had two boys. I seen myself in a mirror in this image. My features were similar but not exactly the same. It seemed that I had the same eyes as I do today.

Over all experience was very interesting.

My advice, and was told by professional, never do this alone. You could allow something dark or even allow spirits to enter your body. So I would suggest to find someone who does this all the time and help protect you when doing it.

I did with 3 others who practice magic and have done this many times before. So I came out ok. But I will tel you this, I highly suggest people do this. I find it to be very educating. I was told the more you do it, the easy the images will come to you and make more sense to you.

I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey.
Blessed be.
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