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Shadow People

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Shadow People
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Shadow People
Post # 1
1. What do you think they truly are? The shadows of an overly-active imagination? Spirits? Ghosts? Demons? Thoughtforms? Or perhaps another class of being altogether?
2. Malevolent or benevolent? Are shadow people here to wreak havoc, to torture one to insanity, to cause disaster? Are they here to grace mankind with their presence, teach them to do good? Or are they merely at the sidelines of our world, watching?
3. Can one speak with a shadow person? Are there any accounts of a person doing so, and if so, what was it like? Source? How did they accomplish it?
4. Could one make a deal with a shadow person, perhaps of a trade?
5. Can shadow people affect 'our world', the physical realm? Our bodies? Our possessions?
6. Speaking of possessions, can shadow people possess a person, either through manipulation or actual control?
7. Are shadow creatures created? Do WE create them? Does an evil force create them? A deity? Are they merely emotions or shadows given life of their own? Could one create a shadow person?
8. Lastly, are there such things as shadow animals?

These are just questions I've been musing about for a while. Shadow people interest me, and I've heard many conflicting anecdotes and evidence. Opinions are welcome.

(I am not asking these for my own personal knowledge, I just want to see more opinions.)
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Re: Shadow People
Post # 2
Shadow people can be several things. They can be memories of your past, or others pasts. They can be spirits who are becoming more corrupted. Depending on what kind of "shadow person" you mean. It could be a Tracker, which is something my brother and I experience quite frequently. They don't attack or anything, they simply gather information by which means are through the five senses, plus a sixth sense they are given and that usually is to sense energy and detect it or else they can't find you.
Honestly, spiriti are spiriti to me. They are very important, and spiriti is a very broad term, but almost every single thing you listed in your first question are spiriti. Demons go in the category of Daemon, along with the Seraphim and other creatures. But again, to be specific you need to narrow down some of your questions. Demons can take any form. Your best bet is trying to get a feel for the "shadow person"'s energy indirectly. You can do this through the elements around them. I'd highly reccomend Gaia, or earth, just for the simple fact she is the most firm and steady element and a lot easier to use for that. You'd simply take your own energy and submerge into the lines of energy within the earth itself and direct your thoughts towards the shadow person and you will get a response from earth herself.
If you have anymore questions you can click on my name and I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my availability.
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