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Is it worth it at all...?

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Is it worth it at all...?
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Is it worth it at all...?
Post # 1
I'm on an iPad, so if I don't respond, please don't think I'll of me... But... I don't know anything about this stuff... I just want to know what I CAN do with it... I mean, every other thread dashed the hopes of things I liked about magic, saying it's not real... What can I do that will be educational and change me...?
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Re: Is it worth it at all...?
Post # 2
I just really want help... I'm sorry if I sound pathetic or attention seeking... This is the only thing I have left to turn to...
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Re: Is it worth it at all...?
Post # 3
If you're talking about the fantasy spells I'm sorry but they don't work but they're plenty of other spells that work like protection spells and love spells but you have to be careful with love spell because they can back fire. If the spells on here don't work for you you could try making your own spells using the right ingredients for your intended purpose.
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Re: Is it worth it at all...?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. If it were reliable, then it would be a science, and the occult isn't a science even though it can be very structured to a practitioner.

In my form of magic, I have been able to:
- find missing objects (theory, I subconsciously knew where I last put it, but going through the motions of the spell allowed my subconscious to lead me to find it)
- initiate an out-of-body experience (caveat: I put a bunch of playing cards on the top bookshelf to prove that I could spy on people invisibly, but those haven't turned out to be accurate)
- lucid dreaming (that's scientifically proven by now, but the meditation practices help make it easy)
- communicate with an animal (it happened once, interestingly, not so much since then and I wouldn't know what to do with it if I could make that more reliable)

And, I suppose what most non-believers in magic could at least concede to is:

- creating structures of ritual and symbolism so that life becomes more understandable and bearable

I cast a death curse once. By complete coincidence, my target died. I must consider that it was a coincidence because there was no physical chain of cause-and-effect to a physical result. Also, I have not been able to repeat the result despite the fact that the world is full of dictators and abusers that we're all better off without, and there are people who endure unbearable suffering for whom death would be a mercy. Death doesn't happen to somebody only because I very much want it to. Still, I found value in that curse because, even without that chain of material cause-and-effect, there was a connection between exploring what Death means to me personally, and understanding with a new appreciation when Death happens in real life.

Even if it's all in my head, I live in my head, and it can't stay in my head. It's got to at least be articulated, and sometimes the ritual practice will do that. Magic practices align motivation to consequence, maybe indirectly sometimes, but I don't consider that indirectness a waste but an inevitability.

So...I hope this helps.
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