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Cursing and Binding

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Cursing and Binding
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Cursing and Binding
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Why are they considered so bad?

Now before I continue I do practice black magick and follow the Left Hand path. I repect people who follow white magick and Christian Wiccans and etc.

Anyways. I understand the belief that what comes around goes around...but let's think about it. Many horrible people get everything they want and the respect they don't deserve. From the popular bullies in high school to politicians to famous celebrities.

How many people have you met that do nothing but step on everyone and get everything they do not deserve?

I personally have been stepped on by everyone. Most recently by my ex fiance.
Why is it wrong for me to curse people who have done me wrong or for that matter anyone else who has been stepped on or have had their lives compromised or ruined to curse the horrible person?

I really doubt someone just curses out of boredom "hmmm I'm bored time to curse somebody" I think we honestly do it as a last resort.

If we wait by and let "life" fix it nothing will ever get done. Usually these people live happy lives and we don't. So instead of waiting for life which is unfair anyway, why can't we be living karma instead?

As for binding suppose the person has become too addicted to something and has lost sight of what truely matters... You. And tey leave you because they're too blinded by their addiction and too blinded by their own negativity.

So essentially binding would serve the purpose of "reminding" them what's most important...you. Binding them to essentialy save them from this horribe addiction so that they don't waste their precious life and lead a good normal one with you.


How is all that so wrong?
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Re: Cursing and Binding
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Frankly, by themselves there's nothing wrong with them. It's the fact that most of the reasoning behind working a curse or a binding is typically petty or born out of knee-jerk reaction. Typically the matters that one would seek to resolve via such workings could be resolved through less effort and less negativity through other, common sense means. It's the same reason that the average person shouldn't carry a weapon (albeit, likely with far less drastic consequences). Anger, jealousy, or any other such petty emotion may leave an individual resorting to that weapon when words, avoidance, or other more logical, less damaging means of resolving the situation might be utilized. This is even more true when reacting to a situation, such as the actions of an ex fiance, where reason and logic become overruled by emotion. We've all been there. We've all had a moment where we wished someone harm because of how they made us feel. But the bottom line is that while it was their choice to act in a hurtful manner, the way that we react to it is our choice. We can rise up, be better people, learn from the experience, and otherwise remove the influence of the negative individual from our life in a less volatile manner (no drunk texts, no late night phone calls, removing them from our various contact lists, blocking them if they keep contacting us, or otherwise avoiding the person in general). If it's not ok to react by punching someone in the face or otherwise doing them harm, why is it ok to turn to magical means to do harm? Sure, it feels right at the moment, but it's not going to solve anything and at the very least you're going to bruise your knuckles, or maybe even break your hand.

Further, most of the time working a truly effective curse requires that the one be in a state of mind in which you are solely focused on doing harm to another. This state of mind is not exactly a great place to allow one's self to be in with any frequency, as it starts to be comfortable. When you're comfortable with doing harm to others at any given point, the idea of doing so becomes the knee-jerk reaction and so does the action that follows. The negativity involved in such a frame of mind also becomes habitual, lingering in one's mind and otherwise impacting one's life for the worse. Before you know it, you're viewing everything through a negative light and you're that jerk who everyone hates because you're quick to snap at everyone over nothing, reacting violently over nothing, or otherwise being melodramatic.

Working with curses or similar magical concepts, in my opinion, is typically best reserved for a sort of self-defense situation, with cold calculation, when all other options of have been exhausted. And mind you, I don't mean self defense in terms of bullies in life or physical altercations. Again, there are far more efficient, common sense methods of dealing with such situations.

In terms of binding, the results often have unforeseen consequences that one may not want, impact the individual the individual working the binding or others whom one did not realize would be caught up in the situation. It's a silly example, but the movie The Craft shows some fluffed up Hollywood examples of various bindings/curses that are used by the "witches" involved, that go way, way out of control. Obviously magic and like concepts are not as depicted in the movie, but the idea of things spiraling out of control remains closely the same when ever one attempts to use a binding, curse, or any means to influence others.

Plus, as will no doubt be said repeatedly, there are various concepts of what goes around, comes around. Karmic retribution, the law of three, and other such things are often believed to impact you if you seek to do harm. That, however, is up to the individual belief system and I've yet to personally witness any sort of cosmic give and take based on this ideology that didn't seem to be more than random chance.

Plus, in the situation you describe, reminding someone of what's most important (you), is quite situation and selfish. Everyone is the protagonist of their own story. That doesn't mean you're not just a supporting cast member in someone else's. Attempting to force yourself to be such won't help anyone, least of all you. Even if such curses and bindings worked (and they rarely do when most people cast them, to be honest), an individual so compelled would have their subconscious and other such parts of their mind still working as they normally do. They'd be torn, and on some level be resentful to you. What starts out sweet and nice and feeling like someone worships you will turn into a situation where they are profoundly unhappy being with you, possibly turning everything into an argument or a fight, or simply being miserable in the life you are effectively trying to force upon them. Would you rather not just have someone choose to see you as the most important thing? That seems like it'd be far more pleasant to me.

Hope that's a better answer than "curses and binding is bad, mmkay."

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Re: Cursing and Binding
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
That whole response is a mess in terms of structure, writing, etc. Apologies.
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Re: Cursing and Binding
Post # 4
Cursing someone is no more immoral than removing a malignant tumor from the body. Some may say it's not our place to decide who is or is not malignant, but the moment we became witches we took it upon ourselves to command at least some of the laws of fate. Cursing should not be done lightly, just as you should be sure the chunk of flesh you want removed is a tumor, but this does not mean that cursin should not be done. When you or another is grievously harmed for no good cause, often a curse is the best recourse to restoring harmony. Don't be afraid to curse, but don't be too quick to either. Happy hexing!
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Re: Cursing and Binding
Post # 5
There is nothing wrong with cursing and binding.If you want to accomplish something,you do everything you can!

Not everyone has a moral code in their magical practice.
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Re: Cursing and Binding
Post # 6

Binding yourself to someone would not end a drug addiction.

What was this posts intent?

People will tell you that this thing or that is "good" or "bad" and this does not mean that they have to mean the same for you. Do what you choose, for it is your life to live. Also people do often curse just for the sake of cursing. Does not mean that it works, but people do.

As for the topic of "karma" I do not think it always works in this life, or the way people think. We may see someone "bad" as having wonderful lives, but you never truly know what they are going through.

If you are posting this as a means of learning curses, I suggest looking into hatian practices. It is not the only thing they do, but they have some of the strongest curses I have seen.

Not at all sure why anyone would tell you bindings are bad. Most likely you were speaking of binding two people together or they misinterpreted the meaning. I can link you to an old article on bindings I wrote here if you like

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