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Hi Everyone!

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Hi Everyone!
Post # 1
I joined this site in the hopes of learning about spells and getting the necessary knowledge to cast one or two. My situation is that I broke up with my ex, who is also the father of my newborn son back in May. I had my reasons, but I still love him. I know in my heart that in his way he loves me too, but he is battling with many negative influences around him. Part of me intuitively knows this, but I also know this from various psychic readings I've had that have more or less told me the same. Some of these psychics told me that I should just wait it out and let the universe guide my path, others have offered services such as performing meditations, spell castings, special prayers in temples with crystals - all for a hefty price. The thing is, as a new single mother I am going through my financial hardships and consequently on a tight budget. Not to mention that I don't want to invest in services that are most likely a scam. I know that magick is real and if implemented right can be effective, but I'm scared to trust a stranger that may just be preying on my vulnerability to try and con me of my hard earned money. I'm not looking to dabble in black magic. Based on what I know in my heart and from the psychic guidance I've received in the past few months, this is what I seek - to cast a spell that would remove negative energy and influences in me, my newborn son if he has any, and my ex. Then I'd like to cast a spell to have my ex love and commit to himself - he won't be able to love me or my son the right way if he can't love himself. Finally, I would like to cast a spell that would have us reunited as a couple and family. I won't take him back if he's broken and with the current addiction problems he has, but I care about him enough to help him change at least through spells, meditation and prayer. But I want to also heal myself - my problem is that I put others first before myself. All I know is that I feel a big void since being apart from him and want to fix this as it is consuming me. It is not fair to my baby who needs my attention more than anything. Please assist me by directing me to the right path in seeking the knowledge and expertise in casting my own spells so that I may find the inner peace and happiness that I feel my son, my ex and I deserve. Thank you and sorry for such a long introduction, lol
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Re: Hi Everyone!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Introduce Yourself.
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