I need help please

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I need help please
Post # 1
Greetings everyone, I have been hearing the voice of a woman calling my first name over a period of a few months, I have a sister and mother who were not the sources of the calls, I would always answer with a yes and ask if I was being called to which they(my family) would always reply no,the latest call I received was this morning accompanied by a sniffling sound, I would really like some help on who this voice is coming from and what I can do to find out what it wants, thank you very much for your responses, have a blessed day.
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Re: I need help please
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: I need help please
Post # 3
Try meditating on the voice to see if you can come up with a name. When I was 10 my grandma that I never got along with died, about a week later I started seeing her at the foot of my bed she was trying to get me to go with her, being a child I was scared to death after several times I realized she was in a dresses that I had never seen before after telling my mom all the details we found out that the dress she was wearing was one she had in her closet that have a very expensive pendent on it. After that I never saw her again, hope things work out. Blessed be
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Re: I need help please
Post # 4
You must know something very important. There are many spells that use general invocations eg "the force of fire" and etc. But really there is not some like that. The being of Fire are called "Salamanders", this elementary are in an evolution scale equal or less (sorry by my poor english) respect of humans. There are the Directors of this elementary that is with They we must work always. Work with elementary is not recomended because because dont has own intelligence to make their work, just use your direction by visualitatión. Why I say it?
Ok, i guess that you has been make some spell where you allowed, or left the astral door oppen, some spirit come back to you.
You can fix this problem talking with authority saying "Stop!, Silence, you cant disturb me any more!, it is not your place, go out with peace. Now you are free."
To all this manifestations you always act with autority and take the control with force quickly. do it and this will not disturb you again.
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Re: I need help please
Post # 5
Thankyou both so much for your help, I will consider what you said
Blessed be.
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