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Name: Elvira101
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I am a mother of 3 plus a step mother of 3 I never told any of my children I was wiccan until the youngest was 14. Of course my husband knew so did a few others not because I'm afraid of what people think but because I wanted my children to have the freedom of their own chose, they r grown now n even thou some still turned to b wiccan even as small children just with the things they would buy like necklaces with trinity nots n boxes with the triple moon on it. My husband didn't have my beliefs but I never pushed mine on him n he never pushed his beliefs on me, so it worked out ok. Now I practice magic again n I'm really glad because I've really missed it being n my life but even without practicing I've somehow always been able to have a feeling when something bad was gonna happen to one of my children before it happend. I've been able to save my children a number of times n tryed to warn other that were involved with what was gonna hurt my children but some wouldn't listen n got hurt anyways. I can even feel when my mother is thinking on me hard, but I also carry the burden of I knew that my father died before we got a phone call, I also knew things about my father-n-law, I guess it's just the people I'm really close to. If anyone can shine some light on what's going on with me I would be very greatful.