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kinetic abilities

Forums ► Misc Topics ► kinetic abilities

kinetic abilities
Post # 1
Kinetic abilities are very real, research them before you say they aren't. No, you cannot control an element but you can move one. You cannot control a candle flame but you can move it, with energy. It's simple energy manipulation and that's that. Go to spirit talks on YouTube, he has some demonstration videos but if you think those are fake I get that, its easy to fake it but he explains more that shows. There are so many different ways to do a kinetic ability, no single way is wrong. Can you achieve these through a spell? Probably not but I will not say its impossible because I simply do not know, people here I think need to understand that. You can say it isn't real, or is impossible but you dont know, no one knows everything.
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Re: kinetic abilities
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, bu for the most part people who believe they possess some kinetic ability are relying simply on confirmation bias. A candle's flame will move on its own, from the eddying currents of air within the room, and from the convection around the flame. If the candle is in a high-walled holder, the carbon dioxide produced from the chemical reaction will also affect the way the air moves around the flame. Air moving around the flame will cause the flame to move. Many people who believe they are moving the candle will focus on the flame until it moves how they wanted, and take credit. That is simply one example.

People who claim to make the wind blow do the same thing: The wind is almost guaranteed to blow in most places people live. It depends on many factors, from uneven heating, to weather patterns, obstacles to smaller breezes, and so much more. But some people will do some ritual, movements, or meditation, and whatever the wind does, they will take credit for it. Or they will say that it "didn't work" that one time, and keep trying until what they wanted happens.

Natural forces require more energy than most people realize, and much more energy than the human body can generate. A hurricane, for example, possesses more energy than a nuclear warhead (as has been proven both theoretically and by practical experiment).

A lot of the YouTube videos are fakes, and easily debunked.
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Re: kinetic abilities
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Well,James, like many fifteen year olds, you are stating your beliefs as though they are fact! Now, if you want to believe that you can move objects by will power, then go ahead.In time you may learn!
Meanwhile, keep your belief; but a belief does not make it true!
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Re: kinetic abilities
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Sorry to disagree, but the current fad of kinetic abilities of any sort is drawn from fantasy novels and films like The Last Airbender. They simply do not work. You may think you're moving a flame with your mind, but you are not. You may claim many things that you can do with kinesis but you are either deluding yourself or you are role-playing.

Belief is not sufficent in itself for something to occur. First it must be something at is possible. And not all things are possible. As an example, you can sit in your garage all night and believe you are a Chevrolet, but it won't make you an automobile.

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Re: kinetic abilities
Post # 5
The energy used in magic, or indeed in mystical arts such as yoga, is termed 'subtle' energy. The reason for this is because it is not a physical sensation, but rather, a sensation which is too subtle to be physically measured. If it was a physical based energy, there would be a tool to measure it, there would be no question within the scientific community that such an energy exists.

Since the energy used in magical arts is not physical based it would be absurd to think that it can directly affect the physical plane, the key word being 'directly'. And I can tell you from 8 years of experience with magic, it cannot. Lark has also just stated this and she has much more experience than me, as does Brysing.

The energy used in spells and rituals is designed to act on the astral plane and unconscious mind, which is why there is a great use of symbolic actions in spells and rituals. The idea is that the astral plane is a place which can be manipulated by energies which in turn, often over time, can gestate and bring the desired outcome into manifestation on the physical plane. Spells, whilst performed on the physical plane in most cases, do not directly influence it.

Now, my next point is far less theoretical and should be obvious. Use common sense, do not believe everything you see, hear, feel etc. Especially if you witness these things on television or youtube. If you don't see people who are able to do it at large, chance are, it cannot be done. If you cannot already accomplish something without magic (in theory), then magic is not going to cause you to be able to do it.

It simply doesn't work like that, the sooner we get rid of the superstition from occultism and everything which the new-agers have spouted from their pens, the sooner we can have a true magical revival and gain more respect.
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Re: kinetic abilities
Post # 6
You just proved my point, you haven't researched them before you say they are fake. You dont move a candle flame with your mind, you do it with energy, you dont make the wind blow with your mind, you do it with energy, not the energy spells or magic is, but your own personal energy. Yes, some people may claim to have aerokonetic abilities but simply are taking credit for the wind moving on its own, but you can tell if you're moving it because you can feel the energy when the wind moves by your doing. Also, before anyone says that I learned this from tv and the internet, I learned this on my own and then discovered things about it, I never watched avatar and when I did instantly realized that yes of course you can't do that. About spirit talks, it wasn't the demonstration videos that I wanted people to watch, the ones that explain and tell you some ways to do kinetic abilities are the ones to watch.
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Re: kinetic abilities
Post # 7
And you didn't read what I just said, your personal energy is energy which cannot be measured physically and is therefore subtle, so my points still apply.

If you can demonstrate personal energy scientifically i.e. produce physical results which can be measured, display it and get rich!

If such things were possible, that's what people would do. I certainly would.
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Re: kinetic abilities
Post # 8
Well I'm not everyone, I dont think these abilities should be used to get money. Also, anyone can do the kinetic abilities its not like people are 'chosen' they just simply discover them one day and continue doing them. Tell me why you think they dont exist, hadit I understand your point and then maybe people who do. Energy manipulation have learned to move their energy.
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Re: kinetic abilities
Post # 9
1. I don't believe other people's stories because a) I'm not an idiot, and b) because some people are idiots.

2. My experience of magic and the energies of the body and those external to it have allowed me to gain an understanding of them. How they work, their capabilities and limitations.

3. If they were possible we would see them everywhere.

4. People I respect in the occult community also share similar conclusions to me and know that such things are not possible.

5. It is not scientifically possible because there is no energy which can be physically measured and only physical energy could effect physical reality.

Need I continue? Nothing I say will change yours or anyone's mind, people love a bit of fantasy, a bit of strangeness. You will continue to believe until one day you realise it's all rubbish. I'm not in the mood and lack the patience to slowly tell you "It's not real", but one day, providing you are sensible, have a scientific mind, and are capable of rational thought you will come to that conclusion. So may time be your teacher.
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Re: kinetic abilities
Post # 10
Sorry if my wording was off but I didn't mean for you to reply hadit because you already gave me a reason, but just because you and other people have come to the same conclusion doesn't mean its right, and experience doesn't mean you know everything, and the only reason we don't see them happening everywhere is because 1- people realize that these abilities aren't meant to flaunt around and 2- the people who do try to prove them to the public are just called crazy.
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