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Post # 1
Looking for ideas of things that can be sewn into clothing for protection. I have a friend who i know is being emotionally abused and possibly having binding spells used on them. I would like something fairly unnoticeable that could be sewn into a lab coat. I realize it would not be on them always,but i am hoping wearing for 8 hrs daily will help.
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Re: Protection
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Unfortunately there is not much that can stop active abuse like the emotional abuse you mention. However, your friend can do some simple rituals to deal with the psychic and spiritual side of things. No physical item is necessary. However, if your friend wants an item, such as a talisman or amulet or something, it can be just about anything, and yes -- quite discrete.

As far as simple rituals, here are some which I do:

One is simply a visualization with a bit of intent. With a little practice, it can be done quickly. At first, it may take a little to solidify the visualization. It can be done anywhere, any time -- to initiate or renew -- standing, sitting, lying down, etc.
* Clear your head and take slow controlled breaths
* Imagine your personal energy is connected to the earth below and the infinite universe above.
* Visualize a bright disk of light expanding at your feet -- a solid disk, not a circle.
Color does not matter. Some use white, but if a specific color represents protection and goodness, that works just as well.
* The edges begin to curl or bend upwards, and create a wall of light around you, with no opening. It's solid bright light. Good energy, good thoughts, positive things can pass in to you; bad things cannot. They are blocked by the light, reflected back to their source. Positive thoughts, energy, etc., can go from you through the light as you send them. Negative thoughts, energy, etc., pass through the light as you release them, to be sent away to oblivion.
* The light expands above your head, programmed to work in your favor, and seals. It shelters from all sides.

It is that easy.

A second visualization:

Again, this takes a bit of practice to solidify the image(s) in your mind. But it can be done in any circumstance, etc., with effectiveness.

The one thing that needs to be prepared is an image of a protective circle. Some will visualize a pentacle, or even elaborate symbols with other symbols and characters, names of God (or gods, or other spirits per their belief) within. What matters is that it is a protective circle to the person involved. It may help to draw the circle, and keep it in a safe place to look at until the image is embedded mentally.

*Again, take some deep breaths and calm your mind. Focus on the intent of banishing and protecting against bad energy.
*Visualize the protective circle as it grows from beneath to encompass you.
*The circle projects a dome of light around you.
*Know that the circle repels anything with ill intent sent to you.

A very simple exercise that some use for a quick banishing:

*Clear and focus your mind on the intent
*Visualize your center of energy (many people use the solar plexus area, some may use the heart area). Imagine collecting energy there. Try to feel it. It is swirling, and building in intensity. I can hardly hold within you.
*Release the energy as a pulse, repelling anything undesirable.

Now, all that said, it is a good idea to know what grounding is. In very short terms, it is meditatively connecting with the earth (and some say with the heavens or universe) to rid excess energy when needed, or to replenish energy when needed.

More to come.
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Re: Protection
Post # 3

Hey just saying because i know this will sound crazy if someone is being mentaly or physicapy abused magic is not your best option the police or possible an abuse hotline are

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Re: Protection
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Part two:

An item, which you requested in your original post, is most definitely an option.

Firstly, your friend may have many options to choose from. If your friend is religious, there may be symbols already associated with their beliefs which can be used. For example, Catholics rely on Saints, and many of them will wear a necklace with a medallion of a Saint, or carry a representation of the Saint in a pocket -- or a cross, or ichthus ("Jesus fish"), a triqueta, etc. It's sort of the same thing, regardless of the case: It is a symbol directly related to the need of the bearer. And I can't see it being a problem -- assuming your friend is young -- to their family if they ask for a religious token if the family is of that religion.

There are also options of other symbols, such as guardian angels, things carved in polished stones, etc., if something commercially available is an option. I'm not saying something already made is best, but if it ... uh ... "resonates" with your friend (has deep meaning, sort of a "This is it!" feeling), and it is a viable option to purchase, definitely go for it.

A simple necklace charm or pocket charm or stone is always a good option for this. Some stones may be considered to correspond with certain things, and clear quartz is considered universal by some. Something found on the ground, like a pretty stone, can be carried in a pocket or purse and touched often.

OK, so now that the object is (at least figuratively at this point) in hand, here is one method some use to endow it with the intended purpose:

*Cleanse the object, whether by sage or incense smoke, running it under water, burying it for a few days to 'ground out' its current energy, solar or lunar cleansing (leaving it in the light of the sun or moon), or with intent (meditating with the object, visualizing a strong purifying light passing through it and removing all ills), or whatever other method you choose.
*Sit to meditate, with the item cupped in the hands
*When the mind is calm and focused, turn your attention to the purpose of the item -- protection in this case. Build the energy within, as tangibly as you can make it.
*Direct the energy to flow down your arms and pool in your hands with the object.
*Visualize the protective energy swirling into the object, as densely as you can make it happen.
*Direct a seal with your will, that the energy will remain attached to the object. That whenever it is held, it will exude protective shielding energy for the bearer. You can be as specific as you choose.

More to come.
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Re: Protection
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Griffin1213, you are right. Unfortunately, however, mental abuse can be very difficult to prove. I am, however, talking more of the question about protection against the 'binding spells,' assuming this is the sort of protection being requested.

Finally, a look into casting a circle and breaking binding spells. There are a lot out there, even on this site. In my opinion, some dedicated visualization while meditating can be just as effective, but your friend may want something more ritualized.

The visualization I would probably use: While meditating, I would picture myself and a figurative representation of the person who cast the binding. There would be rope or string-like lines around me, and connecting to them. I would direct my intention to severing the lines between the two, and around myself. If the other person is not known, just strongly and intently visualizing the wrapping cords' being cut should be enough. Repeating this whenever it feels your friend is bound is recommended.

Other basic banishing rituals can be found online.

Another note: As for curses, bindings, etc., they can only work if they are allowed to. Deliberately dismissing the negative energy can go a long way.
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Re: Protection
Post # 6
I am new here but I've found that wearing a mirror in my pocket facing outwards has helped with people reacting negatively to me.
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