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The Magic Is Gone

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The Magic Is Gone
Post # 1
Hello everyone.

I'm an eclectic pagan, and I often find myself wondering what happened. When I was younger, I used to walk through the woods that I used to live by. Several times, I actually found an altar with a blank book on it, and it was shrouded in golden light. I would often see orbs floating around, and I believe these were faeries. Now that I'm older, I visit home a lot and I walk these woods. I walk to the same hill that I discovered this altar, but it's no longer there. My question is this : has the magic escaped me and I am unable to see this special place, or could I possibly just have dreamed this place up? And what could the empty book have meant?

If I had dreamed of this magical place, is there a way I can get back there? The hill exists. From time to time, I DO see an occasional fairy, yet the mysterious altar escapes me. Any and all help would be appreciated, as would any explanation or theory. Thank you.

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Re: The Magic Is Gone
Post # 2
I have had similar experiences, though not directly similar.

Has there been development in the area? That may have changed things on a subtle level.
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Re: The Magic Is Gone
Post # 3
I don't think you can actually see orbs floating around somewhere like that. I would say that you had possibly dreamed this place up. :)
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Re: The Magic Is Gone
Post # 4
There is something called Belief which is a must for Magic.
As we grow up we tend to dis regard all the magical things which we use to believe in and because of that we always tend to move ourself away from the things that are truly magical.
As far as the altar goes, it could have been your dream or reality but it is upto you what you want to believe in.
The empty book mostly indicates that your life journey is yet to start and you can write it as you go along. It is just a memory book for one person.
Orbs and golden light could have been true. But what you believe in is really important rather that what any one of us thinks.
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Re: The Magic Is Gone
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Merry Meet,

how often to you practice? By which I don't mean spell casting but connecting with the energy around you, connecting with the change of the seasons, the Earth. How often do you ground or charge energy, meditate, centre yourself, or otherwise walk your path. To say you are a witch is not enough, if you do not work your muscle regularly they will weaken, same with magic.

It could also be the fact you're older, and as a child you could see thing clearer. There is a theory that as we age we lose the ability to see spirits and other beings because our eyes change. It could of also been your imagination and/or your mind trying to understand something you saw. I lived by the woods as a child, I still take walks in the forest, the way the light can pass through the trees can create beautiful rays of light that sparkle on the dew or dust, as a child these orbs of light could of been interpreted as fairies. I don't mean to offend, but you need to think of logical answers as well in these situations.

About the altar, perhaps a neighbour was a practising witch, but was keeping it secret, hence why they would hold circle in the woods. They heard footsteps and hid. After all these years they might of moved.

Blessed Be.
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