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The Spells Teacher
Post # 1
When I started spell casting, I knew what I was getting into. I read a monster book, and researched EVERYTHING. From mythical creatures to the herbs you need to properly make potions. Then I started meditating, to clear and cleanse the mind of negativity. as I was meditating, I went on a little adventure, and I learned stuff. The adventure told me that I was a spells teacher.

Spells teachers will dedicate their time and effort to teach the beginners, or just people that want to try spell-casting and potion making in general. Spells teachers can also be messengers.

It doesn't really matter what religion your in to be a spells teacher. Bear with me here, but im going to compare Mages, Witches, ECT. to Neverwinter, Pathfinder, and D&D.

Religion takes a HUGE role in being a spells teacher. Christian Spell teachers are Devoted clerics. Devoted Clerics carry a cross with them and use the cross to cast spells in God's faith. The ones that are Pagan are called Mages, or Wiccans, they use their powers much like the Clerics but have more of a goal in mind. Ones that don't have a specific religion or goal are the standard witches and wizards. I am a balance of all, used as a messenger to all who need me. Next Subject.

When you dedicate your time to being this, that means you need to make a schedule. I don't need a schedule because im already used to it (But I rarely teach people)!

To become a Spells Teacher, you need to know your Monsters, Spells, Potions, and Herbs to make the potions! This also can take a lot of time! But with hard work and dedication, you'll become a great Spells Teacher (Maybe better than me XD)!

You need a clear mind when teaching. Before the lesson, tell your pupil(s)to take 15 minutes and Meditate. This way, you can get through the lesson easily without interruptions of negative thoughs.

That's all I have to say. I might update this sometime, hope this explains some things!


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Re: The Spells Teacher
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

You are half ghoul and half dead. Really ?

While your post is interesting and may reflect your personal opinions there is much in it that is incorrect starting with the fact that religion is important in magic. It is not. Magic is a craft like any other. You might as well say that religion is important if you're going to be a carpenter. Some religions include magic in their practices, but religion is totally unnecessary in working with magic as a whole.

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Re: The Spells Teacher
Post # 3
Monster spell what's is that, I don't even know if that's, real.
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Re: The Spells Teacher
Post # 4

How can we "bear with [you] "? You just explained magick as if you just played a video game and taken that and applied it to magick. As I am sure you just did or rather came up with it from your head.

You can't subject Clerics as Christian, Mages as Pagans, and people with no specific religion you can think of are Wizzards, or Witches.

Witch/Wizzard/ whatever are just terms people use to describe they practice magick. I prefer to call myself a sprit worker or what have you.

And your bio? "I am not a were-wolf so stop asking! Im half ghoul (im also half dead)"

I'm sorry but you can't be a ghoul or half dead.

You do not need to teach people anything, if anything you will confuse them and misguide individuals.

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Re: The Spells Teacher
Post # 5
How can you be half dead
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Re: The Spells Teacher
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Monsters? Religion needed for magick? A little adventure taught you things? You need to get your information correct.
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