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Black Magic

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Black Magic
Post # 1
I am a very, extremely stupid person. I want you, my fellow witches, to read this, because I think it's important that you know the risks in Black Magic.

I used this one spell... three nights of hell. I casted it on one terrorist. Well... I forgot about the spell (I have a freaking bad memory), and when the three nights had passed, I forgot to finish the spell. I don't know what happened to the terrorist.

Well, I hoped that this wouldn't cause any harm to me, but it did. Soon, I had a freaking big fight with my mom, I cried the whole day, until it felt like my head would explode. I almost broke my hand, for I was hitting it against the wall in my anger, and I managed to cut my arms very badly. Later that day, when things had gone a bit calmer, I had to friend zone one of my friends. It was horrible, because she's such a nice girl, and I know what friend zone is like (been there). It was difficult for both of us.

The next day... well, I passed out. I have only once passed out before, so it was kind of weird. And it came totally out of nowhere, I wasn't even at home that time, but thankfully there were people who took care of me. Later, I got fever. It wasn't that bad, but I got headache and my throat hurt badly... it was really disturbing. I was literally afraid to go to sleep, for I thought that the final payment for my stupidy would be death.

Well, I'm still alive! But it's only morning, so many things can happen before the night falls... But I swear to gods, I will never again do any balck magic spells, never ever!! I hope you won't either. Just... instead of killing the people causing the wars, try to do smaller spells... which will give peace around you, around others. That is safer, for all of you. For me. I was stupid, but as it appears, people learn from their mistakes. At least I learned, that I won't touch in any sort of Black Magic ever again!!
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Re: Black Magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
I'm sorry.boy from Finland, but there is no such thing as Black Magic. Only in Hollywood movies, TV series,and fantasy novels!
If you work magic for evil, you might call the "intent" black; if for good you might call the "intent" white. But magic itself has no colour. Your problems are not the result of your spell; only your inner fears and imagination.
A spell is a ritual attempt to obtain a magical result; it is not magic of itself! If you cast a spell you might get a result; but you might not! THe spell itself cannot hurt you.
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Re: Black Magic
Post # 3
I'm presuming you are referring to cursing, since many witches don't categorize magic with the black-white dichotomy?

I can't say in my years of casting harmful spells, ever had it come back on me.

Sorry for your experience however.
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Re: Black Magic
Post # 4
Yes, well, when I speak of Black Magic, I mean curses and spells that some people might consider "evil". Y'know, I just find it simpler to call it Black Magic. I know, that magic has no color, but I think it's easier to simply talk about black and white magic. But that's just my opinion, and if you don't like it, too bad. I'm still going to talk about magic as colors, 'cause I find it more simple.
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Re: Black Magic
Post # 5
i know exactly what you mean by black and white magick. i think that some of the users on here can be extremely rude to people who call it that and it's not fair.
black magick can have bad things happen to the caster if something goes wrong. it's always a gamble, but it depends on the spell. see the difference between good spells and bad spells is that white magick only has as much power as you give it, but black magick is usually more power hungry and will keep going till it does the deed. it calls upon other means to carry itself out.
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