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Fertility Spell

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Fertility Spell
Post # 1
So I Am Trying To Get A Hold Of A Fertility Spell Or A Pregnancy Spell. Me And My Biyfriend Have Been Trying To Concieve For 3 Years Now And iDont Know Where Else To Turn!
Can Someone Please Help Me?
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Re: Fertility Spell
Post # 2
As someone who is primarily a healer, technically anything can be treated, though you shouldn't rule out a visit to the doctor.

Infertility could have many causes. The treatment for one could aggravate the problem if the cause is something else.

Do you have a history miscarriages? Do you or your partner suffer from impotence or any sexual problems? Do either of you have a history of sexual diseases?

Also do you know how to do chakra-based work on your own? Do you at least know how to channel and direct energy?
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Re: Fertility Spell
Post # 3
We did have an Sti back in 2011 and got that cleared up. I was also told I had pelvic inflammatory disease with possible scarring to my tubes. Infertility treatments cost a lot of money that I do not have.
No I've heard of chakra Cleansing but I've never done anything like that
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Re: Fertility Spell
Post # 4
As far as my training goes, energizing of the sex chakra is very likely to re-activate any dormant germs from past infections. There are more complex ways of doing it, which involves actively trying to kill any germs that might be there and I can look them up for you, but that requires very delicate skills.

You can provide relief for yourself by cleansing the
front and rear solar plexus,
throat chakra,
secondary throat chakra (at the jugular notch),
jaw minor chakras (hinge of the jaws),
and ajna chakra (middle of the eyebrows, below the forhead chakra).

Malfunctioning of any of the above chakras has an impact on the sex chakra. Do not energize the sex chakra if there is any history of sexually transmitted infections.

To cleanse the chakra, you can either manually go to the location of the chakra on your body, or just visualize the chakra in front of you.

Put your hands near each other to sensitize them to the subtle energies. Connect your tongue to the roof of your mouth. You can will energy out from your hand chakras and form a ball with them to feel it more strongly. Visualize light or pastel green energy radiating out of your hands. Light green is used as a decongestant in healing. ONLY use light colors. Your ability to clean and project energies is not dependent on your sensitivity to it, so don't worry if you can't feel anything (It takes consistent meditation and practice). Just visualize it flowing out of your hands.

Sweep the above chakras with light green while willing any dirty or diseased energies to be removed by your hands. Will the diseased energy to disintegrate after each sweep. The more correct method is to dump the energy into a pail of salt water. But willing it to disintegrate works if nothing is on hand.

If you know how to energize, project clear white light gently on the affected chakras and stabilize the energy with a layer of light blue energy. STAY AWAY FROM YOUR SEX CHAKRA. For less strenuous work, I use one hand as a receiving hand, and the other as a projecting hand while doing deep breathing.

Do this about thrice a week for as long as necessary to facilitate healing of the sexual organs. Do not energize your own sex chakra.

When you visualize colors, never use darker shades on the human body.

This is not an infertility treatment, but it will provide relief for problems with those organs.

There is a treatment for venereal diseases that involves very potent energies, but it requires experience in localizing, inhibiting and containing the energies as they are applied. I do experiment with these energies myself, but I am not qualified to use them on another person. I will look up the protocols nonetheless.

Magick is not meant to replace the doctor. But what affects your energy body affects your physical body, and vice-versa. Which is why it is effective to treat the energy body.

Have you considered adopting?
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Re: Fertility Spell
Post # 5
Post script: You can still cleanse the sex chakra, just don't energize it.
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Re: Fertility Spell
Post # 6
Amyclas, we (I consider myself a healer too) can't treat everything with energy (prana,chi,ki,ji...). If the problem has an energy origin, it can be treated with energy, otherwise, we can only help a little. I don't have your training, I speak from experience.

For example, we can't treat a spinal cord injury, vitamins or minerals deficit ... Are "mechanical" problems, so need "mechanical" treatment.

Fortunately we are not in Middle Ages and medical science is at our disposal.
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Re: Fertility Spell
Post # 7
Noscete, I understand your point.

Energy healing itself can be pushed to certain extremes. Though I'm not saying it should supersede modern medicine or that physical causes should be neglected.

Magick has no limitations in some sense. And in other ways it is also bound by laws. Almost like in physics. I am but a novice and student of these mysteries, and would be happy to learn and share with others, though not in a thread about how to treat infertility.
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