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Want to break a Curse

Forums ► General Info ► Want to break a Curse
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Want to break a Curse
Post # 1
Hello Everyone,

I am Joe. I am new here. I need suggestions, advices and help from all people here.
My enemy has put a Dangerous Curse on me. We both were working in same company. I was senior to him. One day he did a Fraud of Rupees 250 Crores. As I was his senior. I had to fired him and then company sent him to Jail. when he came out of Jail, he called me and threatened me that he will destroy my life and will take revenge on me.
First I didn't take him seriously but since last 3 years my life has been seriously affected. I lost my job and I am jobless since 3 years. He said he will harm my family members. One day he called me and said, take care of your mother. Guys you won't believe after 3 days my mother got a heart attack and I lost her.
I am feeling so guilty for the loss of my mother.
My mother's health was perfect.
My enemy is so powerful and dangerous in black magic. Since he is out from jail, I am suffering misery and financial problems in my life. My Life has became hell.
Hey Guys, I need your help. Tell me what can I do to stop that guy from being harming me and my family anymore.
I don't want to kill him. I just want to get rid of him. Also I want to make sure that in future, he won't be able to harm me or any other.

All suggestions are welcome. Looking with a hope from all of you.
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Re: Want to break a Curse
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hello Joe, Are you certain this is a "curse" ?
In order to stop this you must be certain of this and whom sent this your way.There are spells available that will "bind" which is a spell of protection, and spells that " send back" what has been sent to you.
I recently had use of both types and used two from this very place and some of my own that I can not explain because they are based on my own " old" teachings.
Try both and see if you have any success but be warned of the dark arts which can take a life in return for your favor.

Have a blessed day : ) Earthandsun : )
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Re: Want to break a Curse
Post # 3
Thanks for replying dear friend

I just want to protect myself and I do not wish to send him back what he has done to me. I want a protecting shield so that he could not harm me anymore.

Also I want to know through readings that whether he is planning something new for me.
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Re: Want to break a Curse
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
If you do not have experience in magick than you cannot fight someone like this. I suggest finding a local coven or organization and asking then for help. Check out witchvox online for ones in your area. I would not suggest trusting "psychics" or magick practitioners for hire because it's very difficult to know who is just after your money. Just because they can read you doesn't mean they are going to fight for you. They can still just take your money and say they tried when they didn't. Also please don't get kids on this site involved in something so serious. You don't want more people hurt.

You should not feel guilty. The guy did something illegal and you did what your job required of you. And he obviously has a much different moral compass than society respects.

But I have to be honest, situations like this are not ones where you can always choose to have them go away unharmed. A practitioner experienced enough to handle your situation is likely going to hit hard and fast so there is no time for this guy to engage them.
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Re: Want to break a Curse
Post # 5
I can read cards
Message me
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