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Name: Earthandsun
Location: Somewhere in MI
Gender: Female
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I am 50 years old and live in a beautiful stone house on over 2 acres of land. I have my own private woods.I love nature and am completely in tune with every living thing. Nature is my peace and happiness.
I love to garden. I am an abstract artist and paint in acrylics. I play classical flute since I was 10 years old. Sometimes I play in the woods. I am a writer and love to write poetry, short stories and am about to begin my Autobiography.I channel and have since I was a child. I am also Psychic and do readings, read jewelry and other objects as well. I practice good magic and on occasion dark.

I come from a long line of those that practice the old arts.Please be aware of the fact that I rarely do any online readings and if I do it is at my convenience when I am cleared and calm and am able to do so. However if I say no please understand that and respect the time it might take to get back to you.And I only advise I do not teach but am glad to give help if I can.