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Pain during rituals

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Pain during rituals
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Pain during rituals
Post # 1
I've been having some psychosomatic pain every time I do a large ritual. Either my left eye start hurting or I get lightheaded and weak. There has been no obvious identified sources like stress or anxiety. The effects have not gotten severe but they aren't a frequent thing. There is no physical ailment and this has been proven by professionals.
Has this ever happened to any of you? Any ideas?
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Re: Pain during rituals
Post # 2
I recommend going to your physicist
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Re: Pain during rituals
Post # 3
I am glad you have seen a doctor. Feeling light-headed could be from concentrating too much in rituals, thought is energy, and I also get a bit lightheaded at times. I find grounding myself, then getting a drink of water and small bite to eat causes the feeling to subside.

Depending on the type of ritual, you could be doing it too often. I do things daily, but I certainly wouldn't do heavy work every day, I would run myself into an early grave!

As for the left eye, I can't say, perhaps you are not blinking enough, or have merely come to expect it and so it occurs psychoanalytically. I have never experienced that, and perhaps you should get a second opinion from a different opticians?
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Re: Pain during rituals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Sounds like you may not be properly grounding and centering before and after your ritual and you are therefore using up your own energy in your workings. This can indeed leave you feeling weak, irritable, headachey, and lightheaded.

Take a look at my response in this thread: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=732670

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Re: Pain during rituals
Post # 5

I think the same too. You may not be grounding properly. Grounding should be done before and after a ritual. It should be done before the start of a ritual or magical working to remove extra energies or anxiety, stress etc which may block your free flow of energy. It is essential to do it after a magical working or a ritual to remove excess energy that may clog up and cause other problems. What you said are mainly the basic symptoms that show that you caontain extra energy within you which clearly states you may not have been grounding well, or as to say, not clearing and releasing well.

these are few tips to do it properly:

* Start your grounding with a meditation.

* if you are using visualization techniques, use it properly and see a clear and real image in your mind as though you are seeing it with your real naked eyes and try to feel these feelings in you too.

* Chanting something or saying something which means almost like this "I am clearing and releasing my extra energies within me to the goddess to bee reused elsewhere usefully" helps you to ficus on your grounding.

* Running your fingers on salt or putting a pinch of salt on the tip of your tongue helps. Common salt or table salt is least preferred though. Try using crystal salts or sea salts. Although, all salts have natural grounding effects.

*having some hematite around you while grounding or hold hematite in your hand and visualizing extra energy flowing into it making the stone glow aids in grounding. Do not forget to cleanse the stone by washing it in a running cold water like your faucet and imagining white light flowing from it onto the water helps cleanse the stone as well.

these are simple tips. Hopes this helps out for you.

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