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Reveal true colours/inten

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Reveal true colours/inten
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Reveal true colours/inten
Post # 1
Hi there in quite new to this. Me and my other half of 5 years have a child together but we have to deal with his ex a lot as he also has 2 children to her. She used to cause a lot of problems for us making up all sorts of stories about me to his family but thing s have been quiet for a while. Recently she announced she is pregnant and getting married again,all good. But not so. She has started interfering in our loves again. Causing us stress and making up vicious lies about my other half. Things I know he could never be capible of. She is saying he was violent to her but I have never heard any mention of this until now. Not only that but the things she is saying is so twisted. Men like that don't change and I have never seen any aggression from my other half as long as I've known him. he has never so much as raised his voice to me. Our daughter has recently been diagnosed with autism and I feel this is her way of making things all the more stressful for us. I need some help with a spell. Naturally I can't banish her from our lives as we have the kids to think of they stay with us every weekend. So so much for him being violent lol . Also I don't want harm coming to her as she is pregnant and the baby is innocent in this But I need something to either out the truth or show her for the person she is but I don't know what one to go for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We just want to get on with our lives and be civil for the sake of the kids but she doesn't seem to want to let this happen can anyone help with the type of spell that would be useful for this sort of situation. I want people to see her for the liar she has become. Or should I say always was. To see her true intentions. Or get her to reveal that she was lying about this. Amongst countless other things
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Re: Reveal true colours/inten
Post # 2

I think binding would be best in this case, especially with children involved. Binding is generally used to prevent people from doing further harm; a metaphysical restraint on them if you will. And probably some protection work on you and your family as a further precaution.

If you trust that your husband is not the person she says she is that's all that matters.

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Re: Reveal true colours/inten
Post # 3
Thanks for your help. I know he isn't as she is making out. As I said we have been together 5 years and he is truly a big softie at heart I know he would never harm or even be agressive to a woman. I mean it's been 5 years and of all that has went on and been said this is the first mention of such things. When all this was said I could see the sadness in my other half that she would come away with something like this I just don't know what to do. Like I said I don't want harm coming to her I just need her to stop acting so Pacific. Maybe it's the hormones lol but that is no excuse. We are just looking for peace in our lives. And because of the kids. We understand she will always be part of ours but I'm in desperate need to try anything in all honesty I just want people to see her for the vindictive person she is. She comes across all sweetness and light. I even liked her to begin with until she started making up stories about me. So I know what she is capible of saying and doing with no truth being behind it at all would appreciate any help with this as I am quite a newbu. Many thanks
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