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Spell on me?

Forums ► General Info ► Spell on me?
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Spell on me?
Post # 1
Alright this is probably going to sound stupid. But for a very long time now (we are talking years) I have felt as if I'm more or less incapable of having relationships with other people. Not only romantic ones but friendships too. In the past I had friends and I had women interested in me, I found it easy to get it on with people and they seemed to enjoy my company or talking to me as well.

Today I have zero friends. Everytime I try to make a new friend it just ends up fizzling out, usually they seem uninterested and cut contact with me. Not to talk about the lack of romances. It is as if I'm invisible to women. Most of the time they barely even give me a single look and no one seems attracted by me or interested in getting approached by me.

I understand there can be natural causes for this like changes in my personality/behaviour or looks. I do think that can account for some of it. But this just seems a bit too much. I have tried so many times and failed that I'm at my wits end now. I really don't understand how it could suddenly become so difficult for me to form relationships with other people. It's really taking it's toll on me to be so lonely and constantly getting rejected by everyone.

Thus lately I started to wonder if there could be some cause for this that I'm not aware of. I don't know much about magic or whether there are any spells that could cause something like this to happen. That's why I'm on here hoping that you guys that know more about these kinds of things can provide me with some answers.

I guess the main questions would be

*Are there any spells you are aware of that could make this happen? Can it be permanent?
*If so is it black magic? I'm assuming it is considering how devastating and negative it is.
*How can I know if someone has put a spell or a curse on me?
*Assuming someone has, how can I reverse it? Keep in mind I know very little about magic

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Re: Spell on me?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
you get back what you put out. if you think people won't be interested, they won't be. if you think you are 'cursed' you will be.

to your questions:
Yes, there is the possibility it is a spell. whether it is permanent or not depends on how much energy the caster is willing to spend reapplying it.

Black magic is not what you may believe it to be, it is a subjective term used to describe that which the observer finds objectionable. Shooting someone is considered bad, shooting someone who is trying to hurt you is often not. It is the same with the term black magic, it can be judged many ways.

You really can't know unless they tell you. Don't waste money on some fool on the internet who will 'fix' it. Cleanse yourself, it's cheaper and often more effective. Sage smoke from toe to head and back down again or a salt water bath where the salt is charged to remove any and all cures may help.

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Re: Spell on me?
Post # 3
Honestly, I think it would be unlikely that someone has put a spell on you to cause this. It's quite impossible to tell if someone has put a spell/curse on you- and if you have made no relationships, why would anyone want to curse you?

As an adult, it's much harder to create and sustain relationships than it would be for kids. Maybe try going to some different places that you've never tried before, join a club, or try a dating site?

However, if it would put your mind a little more at ease, try a cleanse as recommended above.

Good luck :)

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Re: Spell on me?
Post # 4
I agree with the posters above. I'd also like to add that people often overlook acts of kindness. You may have friends or people that care about you, but you simply may not be able to realize that because you're clouded by self critical and negative thoughts. We aren't as lonely as we think we are. I recommend meditation to calm and clear your mind. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
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Re: Spell on me?
Post # 5
Thank you all for your comments, most appreciated

NordStar: What you say about getting back what one puts out I think there is some truth to. I try not being negative when thinking about getting to know new people. And be as positive as ever but of course there are times I feel despair since it seems to be repeating itself over and over again.

The cleansing bath sounds interesting. How would I go about charging the salt?

Sekhmi & Dralus: I have had many friendships and also some relationships in the past. Though it is true I never treated anyone in a way that should make them want to hurt me like this, a few of them ended badly and there has at least in the past been 1-2 persons that might have hated me. Whether they would do anything like this I cannot say.

It's hard to describe the magnitude of this but I have tried all sorts of things. Getting to know people with similar interests in real life, participating in different activities, used over 10 dating sites, many failed attempts at striking up conversations when out and so on. It goes nowhere. Ever since I was around 19-20 there's just been one trend and that is losing all the people I had in my life and me being inapable of replacing them.

I have to believe there is either something seriously wrong with me that I'm not capable of realizing which is putting people off or there is something else going on. Cause it is statistically improbable that out of all the people I meet or talk to no one would want anything to do with me.
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Re: Spell on me?
Post # 6
What you need is an uncrossing bath to wash away all that negativity. PM me and I'll help you out buddy.
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