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fairy summoming

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fairy summoming
Post # 1
So. I'm wondering. Does fairy summoning work? I've never thought of doing it. I'm not exactly sure if they exist or not. if it does work, what would they look like or what do they do? Just a few questions I wanna ask :)
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Re: fairy summoming
Post # 2
hi i'm knew here but i can tell you from my knowledge that no fairy summoning spells do not excist it's just to attract more people to this website
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Re: fairy summoming
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Faeries are being of their own, and 'summoning' them isn't as accurate as 'trying to get their attention' which often times is a tad contrary to the goal, as many people aim to live coinciding with them, rather than calling them from their business to something that is probably menial in their eyes.

However, depending on where you live and the kind that may be around, you could leave some milk, bread, or fruit outside your door for them as sign of good will and they would know your pleasant intentions. Betraying them isn't wise, so be kind and true with intent and heart.

Spending time in nature around your home, or finding a place in your dwelling that you feel is connected to the Fae and showing respect and enjoyment of the company is a good way to keep good ties too.

You wouldn't 'see' the Fae if you did happen to summon it, and it would come in a different way than you probably expected, because they march to their own drum - which is why they all come differently.

If you contacted them in a cordial manner they would be pleasant I imagine, many tales in folklore of the Fae are consistent with that. Be rude and you'll probably find yourself with some bad luck.

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Re: fairy summoming
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
It is very possible to summon or invite the fae folk to you. However, fairies aren't like what most people imagine. They aren't like Disney's Tinker Bell. The word Fairy can actual refer to a bunch of different types of spirits. They are often thought of as nature spirits but old myths from Ireland actually talked about them more as a whole other magickal species that were just as much flesh and blood as humans.

When it comes to summoning them into you life, you will want to do so with caution. Not all fae folk are nice. In fact, several are known for being quite mean and mischievous. In some stories from Ireland, if one doesn't leave the proper offerings to the fairies bad things start to happen around the home or things start turning up missing. A friend of mine kept losing all her forks and had to go make a place by her altar that was just for the fairies. It was a fake bird nest with shiny objects and then she left them some cake nearby. Her forks soon reappeared. Of course, in old folktales the fairies were a bit more mean with stories of stealing babies and such.

If you decide this is something you really want to research and maybe try to work with fairies, I recommend you get some books on the topic. Ted Andrews has a book called "Enchantment of the Faerie Realm" which goes into working with fairies. Edain McCoy also has some that deal with the fae. Her "A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk" is a very popular book and tells you about all the different types of fae folk. "The Healing Power of Faery" is her other book that talks about how to work with fairies to aid in healing works.

If you can't get yourself any of these books, try reading some old folk tales about fairies. Check your local library for books like this. My library even had some fairy books in the new age and paranormal sections. However, when it comes to websites, be careful. There are a bunch of sites just filled with fluff facts. Do a whole bunch of research from several different sites and use common sense.
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