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Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners

Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 1
Merry Meet Respected Members :-)
Hello everyone , my magickal name is Indra and I've been working on Lucid Dreaming for quite a while and so I'll be telling all of you about Lucid Dreaming and some methods and techniques which you can use to induce it.
I have posted this on my coven to but o thought everyone should read it. :-)

I'll try to make it as simple and short as possible.
So here I go:-

* What is Lucid Dreaming?

*Well, I've also named it Conscious Dreaming as while we're Lucid Dreaming, we're fully conscious in our dreams, even all our senses (viz. Touch, smell etc. ) are fully active. It is a state in which our conscious mind leaves control and subconscious mind takes control over our nervous system.
In short while Lucid Dreaming we're fully aware of the fact that we're dreaming and we've full control upon them.

*What are the benefits of Lucid Dreaming?

*There can be various benefits of Lucid Dreaming like for me:- '' Lucid dreaming enhances our creativity and helps us connect and communicate with the other world.''
Others can be as follows:-

*Lucid dreamers create their
dream plots in advance.
*Lucid dreamers feel the
exhilarating freedom of flying.
*Lucid dreamers meet and interact with their heroes.
*Lucid dreamers summon dream
figures for sexual intimacy.
*Lucid dreamers travel in time and space to other dimensions.
*Lucid dreamers discover a
personal meaning to life.
*Lucid dreamers summon and
converse with their true selves.
*Lucid dreamers safely overcome fears and phobias.
*Lucid dreamers explore their
inner creative potential.
*Lucid dreamers discover new
"worlds" that lie beyond words.
and many more can also be there which you all may discover

Source:- www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/12-amazing-benefits-of-lucid-dreaming.html

*Are there any disadvantages of Lucid Dreaming?

*It has been proven even medically that lucid dreaming can not be harmful for our body, instead it's beneficial for our nervous system but still as far as I think, there's a small risk of lucid dreaming and it is that we may get in a habit of fantasizing. It is so as when we get into a habit of lucid dreaming , we may start comparing the physical world with the unrealistic world we saw while lucid dreaming with our subconscious mind. Still it's not that dangerous, if you're habitual of meditating regularly I promise , fantasies won't be a threat to you.

*Techniques for Lucid Dreaming:-

*There are various techniques which all of you can use to induce Lucid Dreams. Few of them are explained here:-

1. Dream supplements (not recommended) :- Various dream supplements are available online or even at your local medical stores viz. Vitamin B6 or Melatonin pills which are helpful in inducing lucid dreams by activating the nervous system but still I won't recommend them as lucid dreaming is still possible without them and can be done by all easily with other techniques I've mentioned.

2.Meditation:- Meditation helps us in gaining and developing our concentration which is most essential in Lucid Dreaming. The most important part is to be aware every time and every moment of everything you're doing as while lucid dreaming , it'll help you to gain concentration, focus so that when you've developed your ability of awareness , you'll lucid dream easily. For this I'd suggest you to go for basic breathing technique . Do it for about half an hour daily for a month and you'll get good results.

3. Guided Hypnosis:- The first ever lucid dream I had was with a guided hypnosis tour of Paul Santisi which I got from Google. In that, he relaxed me completely, then hypnotized and then he ordered my subconscious mind to dream lucid. I could've included this in meditation but it's a bit different. There are many and many you'll find in Google. It worked really well for me, if it doesn't works for you, go for other techniques.

4. Binaural waves music:- These are the waves which directly enter your brain to activate your subconscious mind. There are various brainwaves in different frequencies starting from 2.5 Hz to 40Hz ... These are alpha, beta and gamma waves. Suitable for lucid dreaming can be 10Hz. It doesn't works for me but trust me, I've seen in many cases it's really effective and gives good results.

5. Dream herbs:- These do but actually causes lucid dreams but increases your chances of lucid dreaming. Herbs which have been known to develop psychic senses are also helpful viz. Mugwort, cardamom, mint etc.
What I'd suggest is to take small amount of mustard oil and rub it in your foot and palms. I developed this technique myself and I find our really really effective for all.

6.Sleeping at intervals:-, It is the most commonly used technique used by lucid dreamers and it works for them too. In this technique, dreamers sleep at intervals e.g. you slept act 11 pm then you'll put an alarm for 3 am and then you'll wake up at three. Then you'll sleep again, it'll help you to enter REM sleep mode as your body is relaxed mostly at that point of time.

7. Sacrificing your sleep(Not recommenced):- I wonder why this way had evolved but still I don't have any idea how does it works but when you sleep lesser than usual, it'll help you in entering lucid dreams easily.

8. Using affirmations and maintaining dream journal(Most recommended):- This is the most simplest and basic technique which you can use to dream lucid. You just need to maintain a dream journal in which you'll write about your dreams daily so that you become habitual of remembering them. Keep journal near your bed and write your dreams (if you had any) as soon as you wake up as there are chances that you might forget them. Using affirmations like "I'll lucid dream tonight" and sticking to that will also work as it'll order your subconscious mind to dream lucid. It is the most common way used by all.

I tried to make it as simple as possible, preferably for beginners. If there are any suggestions or any queries regarding anything, feel free to mail me. I'll be happy to help.

Happy dreaming.
Blessed Be.
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 2
Good stuff mate
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 3
I'm glad you liked it
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 4
This is actually very interesting :) I didn't know of all the ways one could try to lucid dream. I had heard mostly of the dream journal, which I have one myself, but need to get back in the habit of using.

I have gotten close to lucid dreaming with meditating, since when I meditate I go into this odd trance where my body feels like its floating and i can sense the world around me.

I will definitely try out some of these other techniques (btw, I have taken melotonin before, since I have slight insomnia and I usually pass out because of it)
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 5
cool and helpful.....
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 6
Thanks purple04 I'm glad that you liked it, if you wish to know more about it or have any doubts, feel free to ask.
Blessed be
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 7
Well LunaAmethyst I'm glad that you liked my post but I won't ever suggest you to take melatonin even when you've insomnia, it can be cured even by meditation.
If you've any doubts, feel free to ask.
Blessed be.
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 8
Great post !! Enjoyed reading reminds me of when I was a child I could create dreams and could wake and go back in to a dream at will !! I thought everyone could my sister could too :) it happens rarely now but has happened I went through a lot of anxiety for years and I started lucid dreaming I was aware I was dreaming but I was in battle with an unseen force , maybe me over coming my fears. Did not think of it until I read this !! Thanks for adding it here.
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
Post # 9
very informative post...
keep it up :)
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Re: Lucid Dreaming: Doorway for Beginners
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Guided hypnosis seems interesting. I think I'll try that.
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