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Name: Ash7Iya
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Into the forest I go,to lose my Mind and find my soul. Yes I am a witch When it's no one else's business its my business. I DO FREE TAROT CARD READINGS. While mailing me please consider the following 1)please be patient while asking me for a reading.I am a student and do have other stuff to do.if I have promised to give you the reading I will.. 2)Don't waste my time with Hi,hello,how are you?,I am doing fine.thanks for your concern,but please be on point. 3)mention a subject please! 4)you're open to ask as many as questions you want to but don't argue with me over whatever your reading is. 5)I have full right to decline your reading if I feel. 6)No readings will be done about the third party without their consent. 7) MAILS WITH NO SUBJECT WILL BE IGNORED. Lastly, All I need is a genuine feedback and thank you :)