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My Early Encounters

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► My Early Encounters
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My Early Encounters
Post # 1

When I was very young with my older sister(it was when I was ages 2-10, she is now 17) we lived in a yellow house in a small town called conway. My sister and I shared bunkbeds in our bedroom on the northeast part of the house. Over the years we spent together we were naturally friends. Life was wonderful despite my parents fighting every once in a while(my father is an alchoholic. My parents later got divorced when I became 9). During our time together there was something we never spoke about. We both were terrified by something that was living with us. Every night seemed like another nightmare. We never told our parents. Children have a natural ability to see higher dimesions but only accosionally. One morning I woke up to a shadow person standing near our closet. It just stood there staring at me as i quickly closed my eyes. I waited there for an hour trying not to open my eyes before my parents finally woke up and came into our bedroom. Also I would see the outlines of humanoides coming toward me in the darkness every now and then. I did not know that my sister was experiencing similar horrors. These things also came to my bed as I slept and woke me up. They would then hit me and grab me. It wasn't sleep paralysis because I could still move. I would wake up with brusses. I was also prone to sleep walking and runnign around the house screaming for unknown reasons. I would wake up the next morning and not remember anything about it.

When my parents got divorced we moved into my Great Grandmothers house about a mile away. They had got divorced because my dad had cheated on my mom with a women named Shelly. We would go in between our new house(were my mom lived) and the old house(were my dad lived) on a set schedule. Shelly was highly christain but still believed in ghosts and spirits. She taught us about the Native American spiritual beliefs(interesting combination with christianity). She was very rude to my sister which angered me. The spiritual activity in the house continued while all this was happening. Shelly later left as she was cheating on my dad the same time he was cheating on my mom.

My dad later married a Women named Micheal who had two daughters named Emerson(Age 5) and Cheyanne(college student) and a son named Dylan(Twenty year old). Emerson was the only one that lived with us. We later moved to a different town a couple of miles away and sold our house in conway. My father, Micheal, my sister Sierra, and Emerson went back to our old house to see if they left anything there. Emerson told the others not to go in there because the "see through people" were in there. She started screaming when the other entered. When they entered the air was thick and cold so they could not breath. They felt as if something was watching them. They went outside and the air around the house was thick despite being outside. They quickly left and they have not returned sense. I go there most days after school now to get picked up by my grandma from school. Our old house was a bus stop for us.

Whats interesting i that this entity did not follow the typical protocol a demon usually follows. It fed on our energy slowly over the years. And the fighting between our parents probably helped it. So what do think about this demon?

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Re: My Early Encounters
By: / Novice
Post # 2
We can try to mythologize demons into something that makes sense, but I don't believe there's any "usual protocol" about anything.

Sadly, all this sounds normal. Troubles in real life can resonate with the otherworld and its beings, and for some people oftentimes life is just difficult because the world is unfair. The otherworld can resonate with real life to some degree.

The solution can be either metaphysical or practical. Just keep doing your best in your academics or career or love life and take care of yourself body and mind and develop your values and do what you love, and it might go away. Or make it go away and all those mundane things that I mentioned will still be hard work but not additionally complicated by the feeling of being cursed or haunted or whatever. It's up to you.

We might not always understand everything all the time, but life won't wait.
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