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light workers
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I've done some research and found out that I am a light worker, the website I found is great the name of it is
and here are some of the
Characteristics of Light workers:

•Light workers don’t feel like they “fit in” with the majority of the people in the world. Light workers feel that that they were different from others, and misunderstood by most people (sadly, often members of their own family).
•Light workers believe they are here for a divine “purpose,” even if they haven’t found out what it is yet, and this nags at Light workers and generates a chronic feeling of inner urgency and restlessness.
•Light workers’ childhood was difficult, painful, and/or lonely.
•Light workers are very compassionate, and they are always going out of their way to help others. A light worker's very nature is that of a helper – often to the point where Light workers have trouble saying “no” to requests from people

Light workers are empathic – meaning that Light workers can literally FEEL other people’s emotional states, particularly if they are in pain.
•Light workers relationships are unbalanced – Light workers tend to attract “wounded” people who need saving and healing, and Light workers give, give, give. (Many Light workers get a little better at setting boundaries in relationships as they get older, simply because they eventually get tired of being taken advantage of over and over again.)
•Light workers crave love and acceptance, yet have had a hard time finding it, and they feel discouraged from many years of relations
hips that just don’t work out.
•Although Light workers often feel lonely, they would often rather spend time alone than hang out with people who don’t understand their true self. Light workers sometimes find themselves “faking it” in social settings in order to fit in better and not be seen as “the weird one” in the room.

Light workers, light worker, spiritual light workers
•Light workers tend to be polite and kind to others, even when they are not polite and kind in return.
•Light workers have little interest in many of the things that the masses are obsessed with like sports, celebrity gossip, fashion trends, and so forth.
•Light workers are not regular viewers of the nightly news, because it’s just too negative and depressing.
•Light workers find the human race’s violent tendencies horrifying and incomprehensible, and Light workers would love to make the world a better place.
This is just some of them I strongly suggest if these fit you check out the website, I am also willing to help but I am also just learning myself so I will be only able to a little bit but at least you will have someone that understands how you are feeling
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Re: light workers
By: / Beginner
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I could not agree more, will definitely check this out! :)
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