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Casting spell yourself

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Casting spell yourself
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Casting spell yourself
Post # 1
i dont mean to question the logic of this site but i want to understand what is happening. For Months i have tired to cast 2 types of magic, a love spell and a money spell all by myself, i tried meditation, i tried every procedure i know and some that i see on this site because i keep hearing from every angle that " the best and the most potent spell is the one you cast or create by yourself" so after a lot of meditation i wrote a love spell to bring my husband back to us(me and our daughter) but it didnt work too and neither did the money spell. i could remember a time when i took a sick leave at work (i wasnt sick) for a week to help me focus on the spell. Then i met a spell caster who cast the spell for me and it worked within 2 weeks my husband came back and same thing for the money spell.
my point is, it changed my view on the whole "cast-your-spell-yourself" principle. is it possible that i am not just wired to cast a successful spell or what, i need answers to this because i want to be able to cast my spells myself, take for instance healing spells etc but its not working for me.
i left this site out of frustration then i just came back because it would be nice to be able to help myself or people going through problems too especially families and close friends.
In my opinion i concluded that maybe spell casters are specially called or chosen for the course or maybe we cannot just channel the same level of devotion they put into spell casting, its just my opinion i need a superior knowledge here.
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Re: Casting spell yourself
Post # 2

First off, different spells work for different people. Meaning that just because one person has success with a specific money spell does not mean another would get the same results.

Although I do agree with the idea that you should cast for yourself I do not feel that it works for everyone.

I have personally found that spells work best for me when they are personal. Either one written by myself or one that "calls to me" for one reason or another. It could just be because they feel that they would work better.

Doing a spell to get someone back in your life could be difficult. Whether consciously or not, there will often be some form of doubt. When we doubt what we are doing, we send those negative thoughts out in the universe, often getting like in response.

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Re: Casting spell yourself
Post # 3
when you talk about doubt i begin to feel that magic is a form of faith then and i dont think it should be so, magic is magic. it should not depend on faith or anything like that.
when my spell caster helped me, i had so much doubt i didnt even believe at all that it will work because i have tried so many times and yet it worked.
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Re: Casting spell yourself
Post # 4
this post speaks my mind
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