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Newbie First Spell Cast

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Newbie First Spell Cast
Post # 1
Hi. I just started and tonight I cast my first spell to get my ex out of my head. I have been crying over this abuser since he threw me out 4 days before Christmas. I cried after the spell also. How long after a casting do you know if it worked or not? I need help!!!!
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Re: Newbie First Spell Cast
Post # 2
If you're posting this thread, then it probably didn't work. Just saying.

Therapy might help you with closure if you are unable to find it on your own.
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Re: Newbie First Spell Cast
Post # 3
If he was an abuser he only wanted to hurt you. One cannot benefit from the wool of a wolf in sheep's clothing.
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Re: Newbie First Spell Cast
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Spells work at their own pace to make things happen. Sometimes you will get immediate results. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, or months for a spell to manifest. The Universe works at its own speed to bring about what you have asked it to do. There is no way to tell how long it will take this spell you cast to work. And even then, no spell is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. So there is no way to be sure whether this spell you cast will work at all. Much depends on how much experience you have in casting spells in the first place.

A couple of suggestions in the meantime. If you still have anything at all in your current residence that reminds you of him, get rid of it. You don't want anything around you that reminds you of him. Secondly, when you find yourself starting to think of him simply acknowledge the thought and then let it go and distract yourself with something else.

And another method that I would suggest is to visualize the psychic ties as silver threads that still bind you together and then visualize those same ties being cut with a knife or scissors and then shriveling up and turning to ash so the wind blows them away.

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Re: Newbie First Spell Cast
Post # 5
As quoted by Aleister Crowley "There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgement and practice than any other branch of physics." Like lark said nothing in magick always works 100% of the time. You can cast the same spell and it works and the spell again another time and it works just fine.

Also if you cast a spell its best to forget you cast it in the first place or it can be more likely to fall flat than if you forgot you ever cast it.

If that was your first spell its best to have the basics down if you don't already not sure if your aware that you can't just pick up a spell and do it with no prior knowledge. A simpler way for someone at your level might be to get into a meditative state, being completely relaxed and try to bring all the memory's you have of him to the surface and try to detach yourself from them.
Think of all the memory's you had of him and as if you were relaxing a muscle relax your hold on the memory's and any feeling you associate with him and just let them go imagining them floating off into a black void before vanishing from sight.

Afterwards it would probably be a good idea to do something to take your mind off of what you just did something your actively involved in doing so your mind doesn't wander to what you just did.
If you have trouble with meditating and clearing your mind
try listening to this with headphones you can tell which is the right ear and which is the left ear

Listen to it from the beginning and around the point where you'll end up with a blissful, relaxing, floating feeling at around 22mins try to bring the memory's up to the front and let go of them.
Good luck
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Re: Newbie First Spell Cast
Post # 6
I also had an abusive ex. Being new, spells will be iffy for you now. I agree, get rid of anything and everything in your house that is a memory. I even got rid if my wedding photos. It may make you feel better to burn some stuff if you have a fireplace. Then write him a letter, pour your guts out, say what you have always wanted to say but didnt and burn it. Do not give him the letter, just get your feelings out and if you type it, delete it, if you write it, burn it. Then get physical. Jog, use a punching bag, zumba, dance, walk your dog, whatever works for you. I also read a few books about abuse. All this helped me and I did it ALL. Good luck!
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