How do you read these?

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Forums -> General Info -> How do you read these?

How do you read these?
Post # 1
Here is an extract from Mishael Zion I got from his/her site.

If at a full moon47 you wish48 to seize and to bind a man and a woman so that they will be with each other, and to annul spirits and blast-demons and satans, and to bind a boat, and to free a man from prison, and for every thing,write on a red plate from TWBR TSBR until H’ BSMHT.49 [2] And if you wish to destroy high ountains50 and to pass (in safety) through the sea and the land, and to go down into fire and come up,51 and to remove kings, and to cause an optical illusion, and to stop up a mouth, and to converse with the dead, and to kill the living, and to bring down and raise up and adjure angels to abide by you, and to learn all the secrets of the world, write on a silver plate, and put in it a root of artemisia, from TWBR TSBR until H’BSMHT. [3] For a spirit that moves in the body, write on magzab52 from TWBR until MNGYNWN. [4] For a spirit that causes inflammation, write from MGNYNWN until HYDRST. ’. [5] For a spirit in the whole body, write from HYDRST. ’ until H’ BSMHT. [6] For a demon, write from H’BSMHT until Y’WYHW.

How do you read words such as H’BSMHT,Y’WYHW, TWBR TSBR?
What are these these type of words called?

I've looked everywhere on I can't a single cue on how to read it.

Anybody here knows how to read these words?

Thanks in the advance!

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Re: How do you read these?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It's from the Sword of Moses, using words to perform all sorts of wondrous magick, so it says. The sword is the word, the words spoken/written to achieve something. But my understanding of it is little, other than hearing about the Word is the way, but must be done in His name, the One God. Could also be English translation that makes it weird for us, I just don't know. One thing I do know is that it is for the very experienced and knowledgeable in this sort of magic/mysticism. I got this just from looking around google and now have the book pdf to look at more.
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Re: How do you read these?
Post # 3
Forget reading them words as they are encoded words from the Torah instead if you want to read THE SWORD OF MOSES CONJURATION which is on all of the words in the conjuration are in readable format and for the record your wasting your time reading them if you want a demon blasting book with the same power as the sword of moses I recommend reading SACRED MASTER KEYS OF POWER or the book called THE GRAND KEY OF ARCHANGEL METATRON within the pages they have devastating words against evil spirits and demonds. Good luck in your quest
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