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Need Advice on What To Do

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Need Advice on What To Do
Post # 1
Hey guys, its been a long time since I've made a post and I have to say that its good to be back!

So let's get down to business.

Just a preface;
I am in high school, and I've spent the last 4 months trying to decipher a girl that does things that don't make any since to me or anyone I know. She said she had a crush on me one day and then ignored me for three weeks and then texted me again. She wanted me for some reason to get angry at her and I refused and she ignored me some more. A mutual friend I asked to ask why she did this is "you failed to make her upset". Just a note, I could honestly care less about this person; just thought it would be relevant to this post.

Now yesterday morning I woke up after having a dream where I kissed a particular girl. It was the night after I decided that I was done with the shenanigans of the first one, however the girl I had the dream about I actually may have feelings for.

Now this all seems irrelevant, I know, but could there be any significance to the dream itself?

My first impression was that my feelings were being held back by putting up with the balogne from the first girl and this is where my heart is, but I honestly have no idea.

Any ideas?
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Re: Need Advice on What To Do
Post # 2
Puberty makes you dream about girls, and girls period (or whatever your sexuality). Hormonal imbalances and the fact it was a dream makes you like such emotions inside the actual dream, and may find it pleasurable. These emotions can carry to the waking world, and leave you wanting more. It is basically falling in love with a dream, not the girl.
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Re: Need Advice on What To Do
By: / Novice
Post # 3
why do you say you 'might' like this other girl? were you unclear of your feelings before, or is this doubt because of your dream? just because you kiss someone doesn't mean you like them. you might see a fox in your dream, but your mind could be warning you of a 'foxy woman' or a person who is 'as sly as a fox'.

now, when you say kiss, was it a peck on the cheek, a smooch on her hand, a french kiss, or a quick mouth kiss? annoying and embarrassing as it may be, each can have a different meaning. i'll assume it was a quick mouth kiss, you wish to experience feelings of love. its not necessarily this girl, but you don't feel loved in your waking life. it doesn't mean 'get a girlfriend' maybe watch a romantic movie, but it probably means you're missing out on loving connections, so spend a day with your family/friends.

regarding the first girl, she's crazy. [lol, kidding.] she could be messing with you for laughs, or maybe she does like you ut doesn't know what to do, or how you feel, so she's trying to figure out what/how to act/do in order to win your affection. if you haven't already, sit down and talk with her, explain yourself, listen to her fully, and try to find common ground. if she keeps acting the same when you asked her to stop, then walk away.
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Re: Need Advice on What To Do
Post # 4
The problem is that she avoids me the moments she sees me so I have pretty much given up on what happened.

I definitely think I have feelings for the one I had the dream about because I spent forever trying to figure out the crazy one and even though we would talk all the time I didn't realize it until the day after I gave up on the first one.

I'm just wondering if the dream is trying to tell me "this us what you're actually feeling" or something since I have been so preoccupied.

As to the type of the kiss, in the dream she pulled me aside but it was relatively short. It wasn't the last dream of the night but my recall was on-point, I just don't remember how long it lasted.
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Re: Need Advice on What To Do
Post # 5
What I mean is I think it was short but it could've been longer
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