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Starting Out
By: / Knowledgeable
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Here is some basic info that will help you on your road to spell casting.

Firstly this is only one, well several people’s opinions about magick. I would advice everyone that when learning magick that you learn everything you can and find out what works best for you. Read as much as you can from other sources and not take any one persons view as fact. There are many books and web pages/sites available all you need to do is look.

Secondly you must understand, witchcraft is merely the use of spells and rituals to help alter the world to suit your needs. Witchcraft is not a religion. You can be any religion and still use witchcraft, even though there are a few religions out there that would frown upon its use.

Thirdly, magick is a practice that requires being level headed. For this reason, and many others, it is wise to meditate before doing any spells. In fact, it's smart to meditate on a regular basis. It will increase your calmness, and focus, in most aspects of your life. It can also help you gain energy.

Finally magick won’t make all your problems disappear in a puff of smoke. (Like on TV shows) You will for most spells need to put a bit of physical effort into it as well.

With all of that being said, here are a few pointers. :D

Choose a spell that you want to do. Then do the following.

Choose a position that is comfortable, most people like to sit down, with their legs crossed, with their back straight up and down. You can also sit on a straight backed chair with feet flat on the floor with your arms comfortably on your lap. Some choose to lie down but if you get too comfortable you will end up asleep. :D

Next you should close your eyes and try, in whatever way works best, to clear your mind.
Some people focus on the dark space behind their eyelids, and just focusing on it until all other thoughts in the mind subside. Others like myself, go through and relax all areas of the body then focus on breathing in and out. When a random thought enters acknowledge it then let it go, then return to the breathing.

Once you get to the state where all your thoughts have cleared, and your mind is quiet (ex; you aren’t thinking of random things anymore) you can do many things:

Preparing a spell
Think about what it is you want to achieve and how you are going to go about it, what you are going to use. Visualise your spell working, see the final outcome. Become confident that it will work.

Is a good way of removing any negative energies, thoughts or anger you may have. These can hinder your spell working. To do this imagine that you are a tree; see your feet(if standing) or the base of your spine (if sitting) growing down into the ground becoming roots spreading out below you, reaching deep into the earth. Now, visualize your excess energy, your un-needed thoughts, your anger, whatever you want to get rid of, flowing out of yourself, down through the roots, and dispersing into the earth.

Gaining extra energy
There are a few ways to do this one is to visualize a space that you like, a forest, a stream, or any setting you like, and see yourself pulling energy from your surroundings. Perhaps imagine the energy as glowing light particles, floating around your area, and they pull towards you or you go around and collect them. It works best if you choose to visually pull the energy from a clear elemental source, like pulling energy from trees, from a fire, from the wind, a stream, or the sun/moon.
This works for some and not for others, it depends on if you are a visual person or not I suppose.
Or you can follow the grounding technique but instead of sending into the earth draw the energy up and into your body.

After meditating, follow the instructions of the spell.

One thing that needs to be understood about spell casting is that it’s largely about YOU. Yes, you, the caster. It doesn't matter if the spell is one line long or ten pages, it doesn't matter if you use every herb in the book and ten thousand candles:
If you do not believe the spell will work, it won’t.

So doing a spell is easy, but what a lot of people don’t understand is that just reading the words off a page isn’t enough. The words by themselves don’t mean anything unless they have meaning to you. It also needs energy.

When casting your spell, send all of the energy you have raised into it with the purpose of completing your goals. This is an extremely simple explanation; for starters you can try one of these methods.

When doing your spell, you should imagine yourself to be full of light, (any colour that you feel is right for the spell). This is the energy for the spell. As you cast the spell, you are giving that energy a purpose; you are sending that energy to complete it. Once you have finished chanting and etc, and the purpose is really solid in your mind and in the energy, you should imagine it flowing out through your fingertips or palms of your hands to complete its business.
Some people simply focus on their intent and spell and then send their energy off. They don’t have to go through the visualization.
Others like to put this energy in to a psi ball putting the images and feeling into it, then releasing it to do its thing.

If you want to add extra energy and focus to your spell there are many tools you can use, candles, incense, herbs, oils, crystals, chants and spells that rhyme to name a few.
From some of them you can draw the energy (crystals) and others can be used in a ritualistic way (burning incense to help cleanse things). It’s up to you if you want to include them or not.

If you are missing some ingredients for a spell don’t worry as long as you believe it will work then it will. Spells can be cast without any tools.
If there is no spell for what want make your own. They tend to have more power as you have put more of your energy into making them. :D

Re: Starting Out
Post # 2
An excellent post starrie! Informative and to the point! *applauds*

Re: Starting Out
Post # 3
oh wow starrie thanks for the info its helped.iv learnt somethng new tonight.
please give more info on helps me to learn

Re: Starting Out
Post # 4
Very helpfull, thanx. I especially like the part of a witch being calm... Since I've started meditating there is a certain calmness added to my personality. Thanx, again!

Re: Starting Out
Post # 5
Great work Starrie! *claps*

Re: Starting Out
Post # 6
woop starries magickal forum of helping

Re: Starting Out
Post # 7
I thought I replied to this before, I guess not.

But thank you so much, It was very helpful. =]


Re: Starting Out
Post # 8
Thank you. I had NO idea I had the power to cast spells, in the name of ***JESUS****. Yes, I am a CHRISTIAN not a CHURCH COOKIE CUTTER! I know understand the scriptures in the BIBLE that describe magical powers. Many of today's churches, not all, attempt to manipulate it's congregations as members remain: broke, ignorant, naive, and manipulated and helpless. Ironically, many pastors drive luxury cars, as members rely on public transportation. Pastors occupy private jets, as members can't afford a one day bus trip. The scenarios are ridiculous and repetitive, as I feel sorry for those who remain victims in such an environment. I refuse to be a "HORNY HALLELUYAH HEN" desperate for someone to pay attention to me, or lusting after a minister due to my loneliness.

It is imperative that CHRISTIANS "wake up" and embrace responsibility for their own destinies. The contingency is simple: DO NOT INTERFERE WITH ANYONE'S FREE WILL!

Re: Starting Out
Post # 9
Thank you for the great information! I really appreciate it!

Re: Starting Out
Post # 10
thanks for your words of wisdom

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