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Name: Starrie
Location: um Somewhere in New Zealand
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I have been a practising Pagan for many years now. I have covered alot of areas of study in that time. I'm still trying to find the right path for me. I am a craft librarian for my friends and teacher to those who need my assistance.A life saver in some cases. A guardian and protector of a lot of beings :) My areas of magic include astral travel & energy work, healing, herbs and potions, spells, work with spirits, divination from time to time when the mood takes me. I work with all of the elements, nature and its energy is always with me. I can work all kinds of magics :) I have stong ties with the pagan community here attending festivals and always learning new knowledge. On top of all of that I love making new friends so feel free to mail me :) I'm really quite friendly and will help where I can. do or do not, there is no try